One Summer in Denmark

Plot Spoiler – This is about Copenhagen.

Just in German.

Here is the opening explanation:

Auf der Suche nach ihrem Vater und zur Recherche für ein Buch fährt Lena nach Kopenhagen. Dabei verliebt sie sich in den feinsinnigen Mads. Doch bald wird ihre Liebe auf eine harte Probe gestellt ..

For all of you non-German types out there:

Lena travels to Copenhagen searching for her father and to research a book. She falls in love with a Dane, who speaks German rather nicely, named Mads. However, soon their love will be tested in a hard way.

Sorry, if that is not entirely correct, but I was just winging the translation, without going over to Google Translate.

The film has lots of good scenes:

5:44 Entering Copenhagen

6:38 A view over Copenhagen. I’ve never lived so good!

7:46 Karen Blixen Museum

9:20 Christiana

As with all films of this type, everyone speaks German (with a few touches of Danish) as if they know instinctively that they should do so.

14:30 Nyhavn

Then we see Mads at home, speaking German again to his Danish Family. Strange? Not to Germans, I guess.

22:00 Copenhagen at night

Then it turns out that the director of the Karen Blixen Museum is….Mads! What a surprise….

I guess, I could go on and on, but I’ll leave the rest for another blog….

Or not…




If I’m Lion, I’m Dying in Copenhagen

Catchy title, eh?

OK. I’ve been dancing around the truth long enough about Copenhagen!

What? My wife might say. “Is this about that Mysterious Canadian Woman from Montréal again? Have you been arranging to meet her in February in Copenhagen? Is it her?”

OK. Enough about the truth in Copenhagen. I promised you a bit more about that Danish King, Christian IV.

Back in 1577, Bla, bla, bla…..

Nope, I won’t be boring you with the life story of this fellow, as Wikipedia does a nice and thorough job of it on their own (, but not everything can be read to be enjoyed!

Here is a bust of Chris:


You can see this for yourself at Rosenborg Castle, in ….Copenhagen, of course! I am beginning to think that some of you have a mental block, every time I mention Copenhagen? As I sit in my home in the other end of Denmark, I send all, or at least some, or perhaps not any thoughts whatsoever to Copenhagen, but believe you me, I know it is out there in the darkness, somewhere (just as I know that Montréal lies in Canada, which is better than me lion about Copenhagen, if you catch my drift?.


In Rosenborg Castle in Cop…..well, you get the idea, there are a number of Silver Lions. In my previous blog, or so, I showed 2 of them. Here is one more:


You see? What has your life been about, before you saw the Danish Lions in a  Castle, built by a Danish King in 15–something or other, ?

You might just drop whatever you are doing, or whoever you are doing and exclaim, “By God, I Wish I Were In Denmark, Right Now!”.

Capitals and all!

But then no blog can be complete without a parting shot from this famous Castle:


I especially like the red thing-a-ma-bob on the other side of the window, showing God-Only-Knows-What it is for, before the Moat, and before the Gardens, and before the views of CopenHeyYouThere-en in the background!

God, How I wish I had been born a Dane…….

I think, I forget one of those lions…….?

Oh well, there might just be a next time. Next time.


Visiting Copenhagen-Danish for Beginners – Part 4a. Dining

If, somehow, you didn’t follow Part 3 to the letter, and can still recognize the outlines of the skyline of Copenhagen (from the inside), then you are now ready for Danish for Beginners – Part 4.

Just think how far you’ve progressed with language learning, what with drinking, dancing with the Royals, and getting pummeled by boyfriends/husbands/wives/girlfriends of those lovely people that you’ve chose to accost! I can’t think of another website that has taken its visitors/learners so far as this one. You deserve a pat on the back for making it so far!

Part 4 deals with “Dining with the Danes”. Some of you are already looking for the form to get you “Money Back”, in thinking that eating Danish Beer Nuts at the bar, or grabbing a Red Hot Dog on the street has qualified as “Dining”, but I beg to disagree. Dining encompasses the finer points of the aforementioned things, and yes, there is much, much more.

We’ll start out by forming a line, or a queue, if you feel better about that? On the table in front of you will be a knife and a fork, but don’t gather them up as yet, because there are conditions which need to be met.

  • Right handed participants
  • Left handed participants
  • Those that can go both ways

For those that can go both ways, I would remind you that this is chiefly about Dining in Copenhagen, while the other meaning of that phrase will be covered in my “Rainbow Flagging in Copenhagen” course number 69.

Now then. Start by taking the knife, and placing it in the hand you use the most.

…Some of you are either left handed, or have purchased the wrong course and are really Europeans in disguise!

If you are right handed and have placed your knife in that hand as well, you may sit down on the seat behind you……

Well, I must say that I am impressed, that there are so many cultured participants on this course. The rest of you must now take the knife out of your left hand…..humor me on this one….and place it in your right hand. How does that feel? Good?

Some of you are shaking your heads, suggesting that it either doesn’t feel good, or it does, and that worries you?

You see, the Danes will be expecting you to use your knife in your right/left hand as it applies to your usual right/left hand usage, but the knife must remain in that hand, during the course of the meal.

Yes. Someone has a question. What? Why would you use your fork in the left hand? Well, don’t ask me why, as I am as uncouth as the rest of you. Now, Now. It wasn’t meant as an insult! I would advise those of you, who feel that the knife feels pretty good in your right hand, and could strike the nearest Tour Guide at the drop of a hat to relax a bit and take a sip of your complimentary Danish Beer.

Now then. Here is how I would tackle this situation. While everyone is talking about their ruptured spleen, arthritis, or other maladies, then you need to use your knife to cut all of your food, before the Danes discover you doing so. Now you need to switch your utensils, keeping the knife in your right hand, showing the others that you are ready to use it in the proper way. The fork is placed in your left hand, where you might just be able to stab some of your already cut food, and…concentrate now….move it in the direction of your mouth.

The trick is keeping an eye on your knife, making sure that is remains in your strong hand, while the fork remains in your left hand. When drinking it is allowed to place your knife on the plate….no not on the table, or napkin (serviette for those uncomfortable with “napkin”) and responding with a resounding “Skål” to any-,or everyone who expects you to do so while in their company.

When you have mastered this first part of Dining with the Danes, you’ll qualify for the next lesson, “Dining with the Danes” part 4b! Some of you will scoff at the idea for paying more money through your noses, at something so simple as that, but believe you me, it isn’t as easy as you would think. I’ve dined with my wife’s family for over 25 years now, and even though the knife has resided in my right hand, I might have felt tempted to let it fly in the direction of any one of my wife’s family members, during a heated discussion about my inability to raise my own Children, or why I was born an American in the first place.

Controlling your emotions and your knife are two things that this course attempts to teach you, thus stopping you for being deported to your Home Country, where you will be serving 20 years to life for manslaughter!

Never underestimate Danes + Knives……A word to the wise…….


Lion Around in Copenhagen

This sounds like one of those blogs that will keep you up at night!

  • Where were you at, when I caught you with that woman?
  • I was Lion Around in Copenhagen!

You see, a statement like that might just get you a divorce!

Unless that is what you were aiming at in the first place?

Anyway, the mighty lion is there in one of those Danish Castles, in….You Guessed It !

Copenhagen Again.

What? Not Copenhagen Again!

Copenhagen might just be the place that some of you want to hate, but isn’t that the way with all Big Cities? Especially for those of us living in the Sticks!

Here is one Lion, Around in Copenhagen:


This Lion was taken at Rosenborg Castle, which was the Summer Residence for one of Denmark’s most famous Kings, Christian IV.

His symbol is seen throughout, yes Copenhagen,


These Buildings came about during his reign:

The Armory, Rosenborg Castle, The Stock Exchange, Church of Holmen, Nyboder Houses (barracks), and the Round Tower, and which still bear his symbol.

I just happen to have a picture of the Church of Holmen, which was in my photo collection without knowing where in Copenhagen, I could attribute it to!


Impressive huh? I even got the head of some resident of Copenhagen in the right foreground, to give it some depth!

If you are still waiting for more Lions Around in Copenhagen, then here is one more:


You see. They are starting to grow on you, as they have grown on me after all those years!

No, I was not the one seeking divorce, but it made a good story, don’t you think?

In the castle there are more things to see, but without bragging too much, then I’ll just let your imaginations run amok, while I find that last lion photo…..


This will really get those of you going, who have been yawning at the first 5 photos or so!

I can’t really remember if it is upside down, as it being digital, I cannot just pull out the old negative, and turn it the right way up/down, once and for all!

I’m being told by my wife that this blog is way too long for the general public, so I’ll be saving the last lion, and King Christian himself, for the next blog.

Sorry, but as they say in Denmark, “The Queen is the King of her own home”, if you catch my drift?…….


Sunsets and Sunrises over Copenhagen

Ever seen a sunrise, or sunset in Denmark?

Well, I’ve seen plenty of them, but I’ve been keeping that information to myself, until now that is!

Walking the dog usually happens at those times, and that gives me the possibility to take a few pictures of this heavenly drama!


Spoiler: Just to let you know that these are Danish Skies, but not exactly over Copenhagen!

I’ve stretched the truth a bit to give my Tours to Copenhagen a plug, but hey! A lot of people consider Denmark the size of a European Postage Stamp, then the skies over Aalborg, or the ones over Copenhagen are (almost) the same, you know?

If you feel better thinking that these are Copenhagen Skies, then by all means, I won’t be contradicting your story!


Photographer’s Tip: I’ve found that the best times to take photos like these of Sunrises and Sunsets, are at the beginning, and end of the day! Don’t come too early, or too late, or you won’t be able to call your photos, Sunrise and Sunset! img_6174

I wouldn’t want to spoil you with more than that, otherwise you’ll think that you could save the price of an airline ticket from Canada, or wherever else, and just see all these Danish sites through my blog……

-But that is only half the fun of being in Denmark!


The Queen’s Digs*

*digs, Informal. living quarters; lodgings. (

Where does the Danish Queen live, some of you might wonder? Well tour number 73 covers that subject, starting in Copenhagen.

Why 73? Well, boys and girls, that was the year that she became Queen, when her father the King passed away. That was a hard year for her, I’m sure, but she managed to take her rightful place in Danish Society, and carry on all the same.

So much for the residents, as we need to address the main Palace in Copenhagen: Amalienborg.

For those of you who are late-risers, I’ve included the address here for you:

Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 København K.

Here are the possible routes to take:


Source: Google Maps

I’ve chosen our starting point to be Tivoli Gardens, the World Famous Amusement Park, located in the heart of Copenhagen. Now it is time to choose how fast, or slow we want to appear at the Queen’s Digs, in case she wants to wave to our Tour Group out of the official viewing window?

Here is some interesting information from the Internet:

Changing the Guard /Denmark/Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is the place to be to see a Changing the Guard ceremony in Denmark

The Danish Royal Guard march from Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace where the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place.

The ceremony takes place daily with the guard leaving Rosenborg Castle at 11:30 to arrive at Amalienborg Palace for the ceremony at 12:00.


The tricky thing concerns not only using public transportation, but if the Queen is at home, or not.

  • At home=more pomp and circumstance (marching band),
  • Not at home= Fascinating info about the Royal Cobblestones!

I have a few photos to whet your appetites:


The bottom photo shows how the warm underground currents help to dry the streets of Copenhagen, completely CO2 Free!

I admit to being a bit jealous having to live in Aalborg, but I hope one day to convince my Danish Wife to allow us the privilege of moving over there!

Please don’t mention that to her, as I wouldn’t want to sleep in the Dog House again for my transgressions…….


A Photographer’s View of Copenhagen – 2

You wouldn’t imagine the (hate) mail that I’ve received since my last Photos-Blog! It seems as if you can’t get enough of quality photos from Copenhagen? In that respect, I’ve been scouring my photo collection in order to find the best of the worst of my memories of this Great City!


I think that the most interesting thing about the above photo is the deep orange color of the Cement Mixer! Notice how it sets the stage between the green of the tree and the blue of the rider.



Some of you might be thinking, “Ducks?”. Yes, that is true, but these are Danish Ducks. All Ducks are not created equal, so think about that when you see Canadian Geese, or Danish Ducks in Denmark.


Perhaps Bumper Cars are more to your liking? If your mother in-law has horned in on your second honeymoon trip to Denmark, try putting her in one of these puppies, then let your aggressions flow!


Typical Bus Stop? Is that what you are thinking? Well, you are wrong! These are Danes, waiting at a Danish Bus Stop in Denmark! You can’t recreate this type of scene in Montréal, even if you wanted to. Note the word, Bus painted on the street to the left. Wow! You might be saying! Bus is the same word in Denmark, even though it is all foreign and all. Yes, there are life’s simple pleasures shown in an otherwise simple photo like this one!



I’d like to give you some kind of explanation, but then not everything can be explained in Denmark. You might notice the sign to the left of those 2 Wiggle Buildings? This was probably taken near Bella Center (Large congress-, conference- and exhibition centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.)

You will probably be like me and want to know more about how drunk the architect was when he dreamed up that puppy, but then they don’t always kiss and tell, you know?



Want to take a boat ride? Here is one that will tell you everything you never wanted to know in Danish, English and German. If you are lucky that is?



This next shot was taken at the very picturesque location known as Nyhavn. I would only have shown the boats and the houses, but my wife said that I needed people in this picture to give it more life! She didn’t think that the heads made the picture, like I did, but then I can’t think like a Dane, even though I live here!

I do have one special photo left, but that will be saved for my next blog!

Vel Mødt!


Fred’s Church in Copenhagen

Who was Fred? Well, he might or might not have been a King, but then with the church being unfinished for 150 years, he could have been anyone else called Fred, who had the money to complete it?

You might also get to know it as the Marble Church, although when those folks back in time were squabbling about how to pay for it, how to build it and which Fred it should be named for, made them use Limestone to finish it, instead of Marble anyway!

On August 19, 1894 it was finally opened, and people have been marveling over it since then. Well, more or less, and only if you are into churches. When visiting the local church in Sæby, a town in Northern Jutland, my now deceased Father in-law opted to wait out our Tourist Intentions, by patronizing the nearby bar. He couldn’t have chosen a better way to worship, who ever he believed in at that time!

The Church is a prominent building in Copenhagen, and anyone who is old enough to visit a nearby bar, instead of the church, should be allowed to do so. I would join you if I hadn’t been leading the tour of the Church, so that I too could remember my Father in-law and his questionable religious leanings!

Here are some touristy photos of the Church, but none of the nearby bars!


You can see, how popular it is to visit the church, by the number of Jaywalkers hurrying to the main entrance!


Not all advertising is bad, especially if you’ve seen the above name other places!



Here are the Jaywalkers visiting the interior of the Church to the dismay of the two parishioners, seated in the left front row.


If you can’t guess the rest of the above text, you’ll have to wait until you visit the Church in person, and then ask a Real Dane, what it says, in Danish of course!

Here are some drone shots for you Drone Fans out there:

Here is the official Danish Site, in Danish no less:

and the Wiki in English, no less:’s_Church


A Photographer’s View of Copenhagen

Wow. I’ve been encouraging the people on my tours to take as many photos as necessary, as it seems that the regulations/restrictions for traveling to Denmark from North America might be changing in January 2017?

It’s probably some sort of political trick that is making people want to move from Canada to the USA, or back again, which has been fueling those rumors, but hey! I’m living in Denmark, where nobody knows your name, as it were!

I’m using this blog to highlight the fact that photos are actually better than postcards, which was pointed out to me on one of my last guided tours by a band of 10 year olds! I am just as willing as the next guy to refuse change, so now I am advocating this type of behavior and am waving the usual Photo Tax for the whole of 2017!

To get you in the mood and show how the Profis do it, I’ve decided to release some of my thought-waking photos from year’s past! Don’t try to copy all of these at once, or you might end up being a resident of Denmark, before you can whistle, “Det er et yndigt land!”.


I realize use of certain photos requires me to inform those people of their participation in this blog, but when they consider the way that they have been used, I don’t expect any further lawsuits against me, like the ones of the previous 2 years!

I am getting a question of sorts in my headphones……What?……

It seems as if some of you are questioning the true photographic value of these photos? One comment was, “Aren’t they the ones that you wouldn’t even show your Mother in-law?”

Of course these photos are worthy! And since you mentioned my Mother in-law, then I’ll just have to pop your balloon of unbelief to say that she too enjoys seeing pictures from Copenhagen, of whatever character. She would being a Dane and all, and that should tell you something about Danes, that you probably didn’t know before!

More of these great photos in future blogs!


One Crooked Capital in Copenhagen

Someone asked me recently, if I was tired of writing about Copenhagen all the time?

How could anyone be tired about writing about the Seat of Power, the height of political issues, and the mere fact that Copenhagen governs the rest of Denmark. You might as well ask an American if they are tired of Washington D.C.! What? I’m getting a new message in my headphones about that last statement…..I’m not sure why, but I’ve been told to put that on the back burner for the next 4 years for some reason or another?

“It is just never mind”, a statement that my now deceased Father in-law told me rather often.

In Copenhagen the Capital Building is known as Christiansborg, the central building which houses the Danish Parliament, Folketinget! It is here where the Danish Politicians do what they do best, whatever that is! Being an American citizen, I am not allowed to vote for members of Parliament, or for the Danish King, aka. The Prime Minister.


The other true power in Denmark is the Danish Queen, Daisy. Her power is summarized as such:


HM The Queen takes no part in politics and does not express any political opinions.

Tasks and duties as Head of State

Denmark has a constitutional monarchy, which means that the monarch cannot independently perform political acts. Although The Queen signs all Acts of Parliament, these only come into force when they have been countersigned by a Cabinet Minister. As Head of State, The Queen participates in the formation of a new government.


I usually have my personal photos of people and places in Copenhagen, but the Queen has managed to elude my camera, as yet.

She manages to make her opinion known each New Year’s Eve, when she makes a speech on national TV, and summarizes the year’s events. I really miss watching her moment in the Danish Winter Night together with my Father in-law, who managed to grunt or sigh, or let out a “Nå!” (Danish for “Well!”) at various junctures during her speech. Not being a citizen, nor an native of Denmark, I’ve been told many times, on no uncertain terms, to keep my opinions about the Royal Family to myself, and remember that the  USA doesn’t have that type of thing!

I’m not sure if that is a good thing, or not as with National Symbols comes a price which everyone needs to pay. In 2015 the price tag was $15 million, but don’t think that they just used it on fancy dinner parties and new shoes! They do have the usual Royal Castles and gardens, and that type of Real Estate doesn’t come cheap!

Why be the Queen, some might ask? Well, one appetizing advantage is not having to pay taxes, which my own deceased Father would have understood without having to translate that statement, more than once. He used to wear his favorite hat with an Artichoke on it along with the text, “I Artichoke the IRS”, which some of you might know as the Internal Revenue Service – The Tax Guys in the USA!

She does get to travel about and has the opportunity of speaking Danish, English, French,. Swedish or German, which are handy things to know if you are learning Esperanto, or Toki Pona!

I can see that this short article has grown whiskers and a moustache, which my wife, wouldn’t comment on if I had done something in that way, but we have reached the end of it all the same.

Remember where the true power resides in Copenhagen:


The Folketinget!

Back in Aalborg, it would be called my house, where my wife rules the roost. Don’t tell her that, or it will go to her head……………..