We often get birds who fly into our windows. Some make it, some don’t.

Today, a little bird took a wrong turn into our picture window.

“Smack” which wasn’t anything more than a small “Swish” of a sound when it happened. Through the window, I could see a small bird lying lifeless on the pavement. So young to be killed in such a meaningless way!


Mama bird was on the roof just a minute ago, above the grapevines, keeping an eye on the lifeless form below.

I looked out of the window from time to time, but didn’t see any movement at all. The other birds in the yard went about their business, seemingly unaware of what was happening with others.


They moved quickly trying to find breakfast in the cool Danish morning.

The little bird showed signs of life. It sat up for a bit, as if to gather its wits about it, before trying to fly again.

I looked through the window and took a few pictures through the glass.


It seemed to be OK, but it still didn’t move.

I took a look out of the door, and took a few more pictures.

After closing the door, and looking out again, it was gone.

Now I can continue on with my Sunday, thinking nice thoughts about that little bird and our mean, cruel and nasty picture window, which doesn’t seem at all to be those not-nice things otherwise….