Hug a Palm Tree in Copenhagen

No way, some might say.

But it is way. Way out!

Hugging a Palm Tree in downtown Copenhagen is the thing to do when visiting Denmark. A lot of you probably didn’t know that February is the finest month to do so, when the sun’s rays are at the most perfect angle for photographing this event!


I was one of the first to do this most elegant of hugs, but all residents were not as open-minded back then! Just look at me enjoying the February Fun and Sun , and in shorts no less.

I would imagine that if you booked your flight early enough, then I could pose right along side of you when…..what……wait a moment….I’m getting a message in my headphones…..What! Wrong Palm Tree?

Wow. I’m sorry about that, but it seems that my pictures have gotten a bit mixed up. This Palm Tree is actually from the Danish Island of Funen, which is a bit farther south of Copenhagen.

I’ll get back to you on that one……….