For those of you who think this blog is about nightlife in Copenhagen, then you are barking up the wrong Danish Larch!

No dear readers, this blog is about my journey into the unknown, the mysterious, the as yet untried method of convincing the rest of Denmark that Copenhagen is not a 4-letter word. For those of you not accustomed to idioms in English, or Street Language, then that means that some, of not all of my neighbors, co-workers and yes, even my family have protested about my continued coverage of Copenhagen!

“What is wrong with Northern Jutland?”

“What about Viborg?”

“What has Aarhus ever done to you?”

I know a Canadian who has had issues with at least two of those statements, but if you want to consider her side of this twisted tale, then I’d advise you to look here:

Some people seem to love Denmark in every way, shape and form, for whatever reason, I’m not sure exactly?

I’m not even sure if the residents of Copenhagen feel that I am portraying them in the proper light?

You see, it is an uphill battle, regardless of which side of this rather smallish Country, but then the lack of topography makes my job all the less hilly……………….