Anything Can Happen in Copenhagen!

My Ultimate List:

  • Free giveaways of Pinot Noir
  • Elephant ice skating at Nyhavn
  • Take a Mermaid out to lunch
  • Getting lucky at a Copenhagen Bar!
  • Melted Ice Hockey Championships
  • First one up a Palm Tree is a Coconut!
  • The Winter Doldrums – Getting Unlucky at a Copenhagen Bar!
  • Prize giveaways for winners of “All you can drink, but not remember drinking  Pinot Noir”
  • Feeling your way along the floor of your favorite bar. Don’t knock it just yet!
  • Take a Royal out to lunch.
  • Dare to wear a “I Love Québec” button in Downtown Copenhagen!
  • Lose your water bottle, and win a prize
  • Winter Bathing with the other Vikings!
  • Dare to be different: Get a Copenhagen Tattoo!
  • Throw caution to the wind and windsurf to Sweden. Remember your passport!
  • Try to remember, why you decided to visit Copenhagen in February!

My list can just go on and on, but most people will still be wondering why they said, “Yes” to the free giveaways of Pinot Noir?

Who knows? You might end up in bed with someone totally unexpected, but hey! Let yourself go! After all, this is Scandinavia!