A Bum Rap

Some of you might ask, “Aren’t you giving the people of Copenhagen, A Bum Rap?”

Of course not! The whole Country acts as as a, well as a whole.

Almost everyday we, up here in Northern Jutland, speak about Copenhagen:

  • A new highway? Well, more power to them
  • A new bridge? Well, they deserve it more than we do!
  • More money to the Capitol Region? Well, they do pay more taxes over there

You see. Everyone else in Denmark envies the people of Copenhagen, and the others that live on the island of Zealand.

If I mention them to my friends and co-workers here in Aalborg, they shake their heads and say things like:

  • I wish, I were one of them

  • I can’t wait to visit Copenhagen again

  • All of my friends live in Copenhagen

  • If anyone deserves that, then it is them

All of the above statements are put in quotation marks as if to say that they are “implied”, because, as some of you might know, Danes don’t often air their opinions publicly!

That’s why, I’m encouraging everyone around me to join my “10 Days of Fun and Sun in Copenhagen in February 2017!”

Can’t wait to see all of my friends from Jutland there.

Vel Mødt!



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