Denmark in February. Sun Cream Recommendations! Part 2

OK. In my last blog, I broke the news about Tourists visiting Denmark in February 2017, and…Yes, you heard me correctly. February!

Here is some more info about the searing chances of Sun for that time of year:



Sunrise: 8:47

Sunset: 16:00 (4pm).

Now, my recommendation for the extreme conditions is this here:


I realize that 50+ might make some of you think that getting a suntan with such a high amount of protection, might not be possible?

Wrong again.

I would suggest that you just pull out your portable Palm Tree and simulate a Sunny Day in Denmark:


Notice how I’ve been working on my tan in anticipation of this big event, and how I’ve been practicing lying under my Palm Tree for this event!

OK. It might be a bit cramped, but I thought, I’d start with my hand and sun myself a bit at a time.

Here is a portion of my Tanning Chart:


I’ve put a “Day of Rest” in, so as not to stress my delicate skin, too many days at a time! This list is only a partial one, and could combine more than just the one or the other thing, if that is my Palm Tree was a bit taller!

Why all the fuss about Fun and Sun in February?

Well, if you consider how little there is to do, otherwise, in Denmark at that time of year, then you need to concentrate on other things to draw, and keep the tourists occupied.

It’s kind of like photos of Southern California. They are generally taken in the Winter/Spring when the air is clean and clear:



They don’t want to show you how little there is to brag about, when the Summer Smog sets in! This photo looks great, but if you only knew…….