A Winter Weary Canadian

Well, Chalk one up for February, Fun and Sun in Copenhagen!

Look here:


This young Canadian girl is probably the first lucky traveler to sign up for my Fun and Sun Tour to Copenhagen in February!

I just can’t say it enough: February in Copenhagen is the place to be in February 2017!

If I’m lying, I’m dying……………………..


I just can’t say February enough times!


4 thoughts on “A Winter Weary Canadian

  1. I’ll have to go through my adress book, and let you know… Send me a note if you’d like to do something typically Danish like having brunch at Bilka, or giving us a tour of the nearest Bog & Ide! 😉 I only have 98 days to plan things lol


  2. I won’t have any time to accompany you, being the tour guide and all. Some people get their hopes up, only to have them dashed on the rock holding the gigantic statue of the Little Mermaid.

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