February Fun and Sun in Copenhagen!

I realize that I am not a professional photographer, but if the photo is eye-catching enough, then those Sun-starved tourists, won’t know the difference!


See how I’ve been able to give the impression of height?

Now look at my swim trunks:


See how I’ve combined The swaying of the Palm Tree, The fashion of swimming trunks, and wait, there’s more:


You see, how the elements change over time? Now there is a Palm Tree, Sun Lotion, and a bottle of Maple Syrup, which points in the direction of……Yes, A large Country which everyone knows is sun-starved in the Winter!

A lot of you are now asking, “And you don’t do this for a living? Amazing. I never would have guessed, that you haven’t been in this branch forever!”

Well, Amazing but true is the answer here. It is just like being a Professional Blogger, some make it, and some don’t!

I would be surprised, if some of you haven’t already ordered your tickets for Copenhagen for February? Where should we meet? I could stand there at the Airport, wearing my best swimming trunks, carrying a large sign with my Palm Tree on it saying, “February Fun and Sun in Copenhagen – Line Forms Behind Me!”

I might though, have to change the text size, or some of you will be confused if it only says, “Sun in Copen”. Some people, like those from chilly Montréal might take offense at the word, “Copen” which some people tell me, means “Put a Hockey Puck Up Your Nose”. I wouldn’t want to insult any of those Sun-starved Tourists with a Faux Pas like that, so I’ve decided to put that one on the back burner for now.

After all it is not February as yet!

However, the big countdown has begun, with only a few Winter months between The Fun and Sun of Copenhagen and thousands if not dozens, if we are lucky, of guests arriving in February!

God Rejse………..