Thanks for the Loan

Dear Friend

I am writing to you tonight to thank you for the loan, which you extended to me earlier this year. As you know, I didn’t need to use any of your money, but the possibility was always there, if I needed some ready cash while visiting the United States.

You told me to keep it “Just in Case”. In Case meant “In Case” I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream of traveling to the United States. In case I wasn’t able to extend my dreams, just like you did when visiting Denmark.

A part of me wanted to act in anger and tear up your “In Case” with the thought of “How could she”, or “Why did she do something like that”, but I regained my senses and kept it safe, “Just in Case”.

Now that I’ve returned to Denmark, I’ve returned it to the place that I found it, inside a travel guide to your home country. I wouldn’t be expecting to see me in the recent future, visiting you and all, but as we both know, things often come when we least expect them.

I knew where your loan was the entire time, I was in the USA, though I never considered using it. I did take it out of my wallet once in a while, and ponder its existence, and to send you “Thank You” thoughts from California.

It was a very special and unexpected show of generosity on your part, and I won’t forget, what you tried to help me with, even though I never used your money.

A True Gentleman does not accept money from a Lady, which I feel fits in this case. In case you have a hard time understanding my use of the “Blog” to express my thanks, let’s just say that it is my way of repaying you in a public place.

Your friend



3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Loan

  1. I’m pretty sure a friend who cares that much about your dreams will enjoy your thanks, no matter if they’re in person, in a letter or a post. Then again, knowing your propensity for fiction, this friend and her loan might just be the fruit of your imagination πŸ˜‰ I guess we’ll never know for sure… πŸ™‚


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