I Thought About

What to write, what to write?

I thought about writing a blog about Love, but someone might be offended by that. “Who was she? Why haven’t you told us about her before? Am I the one, you are referring to?”

Troubles are something that I have enough of, without having to go down that road.

I could do animals, but I might have to go down Fantasy Lane once again, making someone upset over my rendition of their beloved pet. “You don’t know anything about German Fuzz Dogs! I’ve told all of my friends to read your blog only to boycott it afterwards! My German Fuzz Dog is not ugly, he is just Fur Challenged! Think about that the next time, you decide to print outright lies on your site!

I could do travel instead. Where should I go, where I wouldn’t end up insulting someone’s intelligence? Out in my backyard, perhaps, or down my Inner Ear? Nope. I don’t think that last one will do with my alter ego, “Not another crack about where Wonder Dog has gone! Stick to your own lousy site, if that is, you have any readers left!”

I hate stepping on others toes. Perhaps WordPress has a theme which is in its pure, neutral state? White background and white text. White colored animals are not allowed, for fear of insulting the “White Animal Support Group”. Boycotted using white text on white paper! I just can’t get a break anywhere.

I thought about using my own material. Perhaps photos of my past loves, which didn’t involve Love of course. That might do, if it hadn’t been that I tore up most of their photos and burned them on the bonfire along with their Love Letters. It’s not like my heart was broken, or I held a grudge, but I was warmed for a while on the flames of unrequited love….

It seems as if I have limited my subjects to just a few things, which limits my possibilities with other things. I might have to do a series of blogs using my dreams as subject matter! Each and every day, I’ll write down my dreams, before they disappear into the cosmic ether. Every day will be new and exciting adventures, straight from my unconscious mind. Every day a new memory, which never happened. Every day a new journey into the deep and dark recesses of my mind. Every day something new about how I think!

Or not. Some things are better left unsaid, like “who was that woman in your last dream? Was it really love, or….was it me, who you dreamed about?”

End of this blog.

Blog continues using white text on white background………………