Lots of Dollars and no….

“Do you want to buy some dollars?” the bank teller asked me.

“Yes, just in case”.

Cash money and Maps are in the minority these days. Traveling with those things are getting to be a thing of the past, and probably will be history, some time in the near future!

I’ve gotten by with a Cellphone and a Credit Card, while traveling in the USA. A few places, it would have been nice having an analog phone, or a paper map, where WiFi reception was hindered by high mountain walls, but other than that, I got along just fine.

Money-wise was along the same lines. I could easily pay for parking in meters, food, and hotel rooms with a credit card, in fact some of those places required such a thing. I even could draw out cash, using my credit card. Why use cash?

Tips could be added onto the credit card, and donations to the local children’s hospital as well. I tried to use some of my leftover dollars on the airplane home in order to buy a set of earphones, but was met with “Sorry, we only accept Credit Cards!”.

In my other blog about traveling, some people are still waiting for me to get on with my trip, and stop back tracking to other places along the way!

I wish, I still were in the States, if only to use up the rest of those darn dollars, that are still residing in my wallet, alongside my Danish Credit Cards. I can’t seem to part with them, but what else should I do with them?


Here they are. All I have left of them.

A few Dollars and no sense……..



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