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Leaves Turning

A funny thing about English is a word like turning.

Leaves turning, seasons turning, as if the whole universe is in motion!

Which it is, by the way.

The leaves are turning in Denmark. Yellow to be exact, and are doing so in a not so obvious manner.

I thought it occurred overnight. I almost heard them doing so.

“What is that sound?” Grinding, whirling, scraping, rotating.

When I awoke, Autumn had begun. It might have been obvious to others, but then we do perceive life differently, don’t we?

It seemed colder, all of a sudden. Leaving the back door open seemed to be a bad choice in a world of otherwise good choices. Brr. It seems too cold for such outside things, where has my jacket gone to?

Too early for Winter, but too late for Summer. What is Autumn, anyway? A time for changing, for cleaning. Out with the old, and in with the new, cold though it might be.

Pictures? Everyone wants pictures today! Where is your proof, where are the yellow leaves?

Alas, another change is that it is darker earlier. The darkness prevents me from showing you the yellow leaves, which means that you’ll have to be satisfied with my words instead.

My yellow, turning, grinding, whirling, rotating words in a changing season……………..



Just an American lost in Denmark. The past few weeks being back in the good old USA. It is like Aliens have taken over my mind, changing it from what I knew to what I know. It might be the heat, or it might be the influence of hearing English 24 hours a day, but whatever the cause, it is only temporary while dealing with this time and space.

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