American Mosquitoes

I’m not sure if I’ve been bitten by American Mosquitoes, or Danish ones?

Since my return from the USA, I’ve been troubled by mosquito bites. They are especially nasty ones, growing larger with each day that passes.

Lucky for me, I purchased a special antibiotic lotion with pain relief while in the USA. I applied it this morning with good results. The problem now is that it has disappeared!

I strongly suspect my dog, who has been known to take things like that in the past, but he doesn’t seem to be ready to “Fess up” just yet. I’ve searched the house, using the tried and true method of retracing my steps, as far as my old self can remember, that is, but nothing seems to work.

There will be hell to pay for sure, and you’d know that if you ever met my wife!

I’d like to think that American Mosquitoes have bitten me, revealing my obvious lack of being immune, having lived so many years in Denmark. If I thought that the reverse was true, then it was the Danish Mosquitoes welcoming me home from the States, which is the source of my distress?

All that speculation doesn’t help me in finding relief from the itching and red spots that seem to be spreading. I’ll be following my dog around the yard, in order to remove the last shreds of doubt, that he was the no-gooder in this instance. Even with that aside, I’ll still have to answer to a higher power when she gets home from work.

I’d like to think that the itching is a far better way to go, then having to face my wife’s questioning, but the jury is still out on that one. I might just end up with the both of them, making me want to spend the night with the dog in peace and quiet. As long as his fleas don’t act up, that is…………..