Feeling Rather Untowards

I’ve been out traveling to the USA, but now I wouldn’t say that I was home, not yet anyway.

Part of me is throwing the ball for my dog, and part of me is traveling in Yosemite National Park, while the rest of me is writing this blog right now.

I wouldn’t call it post-travel depression, but there is still a period of adjustment to get through. I’ve been away, you see, and that was a good thing. While there, away that is, I was almost totally away, not being able to be my Danish self, or the combination me, that has parts of many things, faces and places.

I have returned to my life, here in Denmark. I do what I’ve done for so many years now, and have interacted with those, I usually do those type of things with. The problem being, my sleep and dreams.

Jet Lag made me awake at the wrong hours after traveling 9 Time Zones back in time. That was understandable, but that should be over with, being back and all. I do find, however, certain routines that I had before my trip, hard to start with again. I’ve also decided not to have to deal with certain irritating factors, like people on Facebook, who only re-post others material, of which I don’t/didn’t agree with anyway. I’ve also told a few co workers my mind, because I felt it to be the correct time to do so. “What happened to you on your vacation?” they’d ask…..

What did happen to me on my vacation? I guess, it changed my way of thinking about certain things. Will I return to the old way of doing so? Time will tell, I suppose. It has made me more resolute in my thoughts, like when I was asked about my upcoming birthday.

“Are you going to hold a party?” my wife asked. The question was a fair one, and reflects a very Danish way of thinking (one of her failings, I suppose). I thought a bit, and said after a while, “No, not at all”. That caused some tension, with each of us retreating to our respective corners. I did, however, take the time to re-think my answer. The next day, I replied: “I’ve decided to hold a “Men only party”, which shows how I turned the argument about No way whatsoever-party, to one of my own choosing, and liking.

She nodded in acceptance. “That is an excellent idea”, which shows how my new resolve could make both of us save face, while I won a silent battle in the light of my  otherwise known disdain for such events.

I guess, I’ll be wearing a party hat in a few weeks from now. I might just have the same new resolve, and new determination to be the me who went away on vacation, but returned in a new light.

Shine on………