Traveling to Copenhagen

Most travelers arrive by plane, as the land borders have become a bit less friendly during 2016.

Which route to take?

I would advise via Iceland, if you are coming from North America. Why, you might ask?


Source: Google Maps

Well, it has just the right conditions for travelers on the way to Denmark.

Let’s compare the size of these 2 Countries:



See. Other than Iceland being a bit more lopsided, then the size comparison is about right.

Relax in the comfort of Iceland, before you take on Denmark. Get acquainted with their funny words, and try your hand at pronouncing the Native Language, in preparation for you visit to Copenhagen. Are they laughing at you? Are you looking for the nearest lava rock to bash some heads in?

Can you say “Police Brutality” in Pure Icelandic?

If they don’t deport you from Iceland back to Northern America, then continue on to Denmark. It’s kind of like getting the card in Monopoly that tells you to “Pass Go” and “Collect $200”.

I feel like a winner every time I’m allowed to leave Iceland, before attempting another foreign Country.

Now you are on the plane on the way to Copenhagen. It is now time to review, what you have learned along the way:

  • How to pronounce Foreign Words, without knowing what they mean
  • How the inside of a Foreign Jail looks like, sharing a heated cell with someone named Olaf
  • Being restricted to the inside of the Airport, when you return home again, or face criminal charges.

Use these experiences, and the rest of what you learned about being handcuffed and gagged to better enjoy your visit in Copenhagen.

It might be a good idea not to insult the Royal Family during your first day in Copenhagen, otherwise you might be visiting the inside of a Danish Jail with someone named Knud!

Unless you like that type of thing?……………….


Anything Can Happen in Copenhagen!

My Ultimate List:

  • Free giveaways of Pinot Noir
  • Elephant ice skating at Nyhavn
  • Take a Mermaid out to lunch
  • Getting lucky at a Copenhagen Bar!
  • Melted Ice Hockey Championships
  • First one up a Palm Tree is a Coconut!
  • The Winter Doldrums – Getting Unlucky at a Copenhagen Bar!
  • Prize giveaways for winners of “All you can drink, but not remember drinking  Pinot Noir”
  • Feeling your way along the floor of your favorite bar. Don’t knock it just yet!
  • Take a Royal out to lunch.
  • Dare to wear a “I Love Québec” button in Downtown Copenhagen!
  • Lose your water bottle, and win a prize
  • Winter Bathing with the other Vikings!
  • Dare to be different: Get a Copenhagen Tattoo!
  • Throw caution to the wind and windsurf to Sweden. Remember your passport!
  • Try to remember, why you decided to visit Copenhagen in February!

My list can just go on and on, but most people will still be wondering why they said, “Yes” to the free giveaways of Pinot Noir?

Who knows? You might end up in bed with someone totally unexpected, but hey! Let yourself go! After all, this is Scandinavia!


Hug a Palm Tree in Copenhagen

No way, some might say.

But it is way. Way out!

Hugging a Palm Tree in downtown Copenhagen is the thing to do when visiting Denmark. A lot of you probably didn’t know that February is the finest month to do so, when the sun’s rays are at the most perfect angle for photographing this event!


I was one of the first to do this most elegant of hugs, but all residents were not as open-minded back then! Just look at me enjoying the February Fun and Sun , and in shorts no less.

I would imagine that if you booked your flight early enough, then I could pose right along side of you when…..what……wait a moment….I’m getting a message in my headphones…..What! Wrong Palm Tree?

Wow. I’m sorry about that, but it seems that my pictures have gotten a bit mixed up. This Palm Tree is actually from the Danish Island of Funen, which is a bit farther south of Copenhagen.

I’ll get back to you on that one……….




A Winter Weary Canadian

Well, Chalk one up for February, Fun and Sun in Copenhagen!

Look here:

This young Canadian girl is probably the first lucky traveler to sign up for my Fun and Sun Tour to Copenhagen in February!

I just can’t say it enough: February in Copenhagen is the place to be in February 2017!

If I’m lying, I’m dying……………………..


I just can’t say February enough times!


Denmark in February. Sun Cream Recommendations! Part 2

OK. In my last blog, I broke the news about Tourists visiting Denmark in February 2017, and…Yes, you heard me correctly. February!

Here is some more info about the searing chances of Sun for that time of year:



Sunrise: 8:47

Sunset: 16:00 (4pm).

Now, my recommendation for the extreme conditions is this here:


I realize that 50+ might make some of you think that getting a suntan with such a high amount of protection, might not be possible?

Wrong again.

I would suggest that you just pull out your portable Palm Tree and simulate a Sunny Day in Denmark:


Notice how I’ve been working on my tan in anticipation of this big event, and how I’ve been practicing lying under my Palm Tree for this event!

OK. It might be a bit cramped, but I thought, I’d start with my hand and sun myself a bit at a time.

Here is a portion of my Tanning Chart:


I’ve put a “Day of Rest” in, so as not to stress my delicate skin, too many days at a time! This list is only a partial one, and could combine more than just the one or the other thing, if that is my Palm Tree was a bit taller!

Why all the fuss about Fun and Sun in February?

Well, if you consider how little there is to do, otherwise, in Denmark at that time of year, then you need to concentrate on other things to draw, and keep the tourists occupied.

It’s kind of like photos of Southern California. They are generally taken in the Winter/Spring when the air is clean and clear:



They don’t want to show you how little there is to brag about, when the Summer Smog sets in! This photo looks great, but if you only knew…….


February Fun and Sun in Copenhagen!

I realize that I am not a professional photographer, but if the photo is eye-catching enough, then those Sun-starved tourists, won’t know the difference!


See how I’ve been able to give the impression of height?

Now look at my swim trunks:


See how I’ve combined The swaying of the Palm Tree, The fashion of swimming trunks, and wait, there’s more:


You see, how the elements change over time? Now there is a Palm Tree, Sun Lotion, and a bottle of Maple Syrup, which points in the direction of……Yes, A large Country which everyone knows is sun-starved in the Winter!

A lot of you are now asking, “And you don’t do this for a living? Amazing. I never would have guessed, that you haven’t been in this branch forever!”

Well, Amazing but true is the answer here. It is just like being a Professional Blogger, some make it, and some don’t!

I would be surprised, if some of you haven’t already ordered your tickets for Copenhagen for February? Where should we meet? I could stand there at the Airport, wearing my best swimming trunks, carrying a large sign with my Palm Tree on it saying, “February Fun and Sun in Copenhagen – Line Forms Behind Me!”

I might though, have to change the text size, or some of you will be confused if it only says, “Sun in Copen”. Some people, like those from chilly Montréal might take offense at the word, “Copen” which some people tell me, means “Put a Hockey Puck Up Your Nose”. I wouldn’t want to insult any of those Sun-starved Tourists with a Faux Pas like that, so I’ve decided to put that one on the back burner for now.

After all it is not February as yet!

However, the big countdown has begun, with only a few Winter months between The Fun and Sun of Copenhagen and thousands if not dozens, if we are lucky, of guests arriving in February!

God Rejse………..



The Lost Ingredient

Today is the day to make Spinach Soup.

Yes, today is when I will be making Spinach Soup with the last vestiges of the Danish Summer simmering in my pot.

What else is there down in that simmer, you might ask?

Well, leeks, onions, cabbage, a few potatoes and bouillon cubes.

“Is there any room leftover for Spinach”, some might ask?

I don’t understand how anyone could get so hung up on a single vegetable. Yes, there is Spinach, just not as much as I had thought there would be.

It’s kind of like Chicken Noodle Soup. Yes, there is Chicken and a lot of Noodles, but just how much Chicken is there?

My questions might be, “Does it taste like Chicken?” If yet, then it is allowed to be called Chicken Noodle Soup.

“What about flavor enhancers and artificial this and that?”

All I wanted to do this morning was to make a simple pot of soup, and not have to answer a load of questions with myself.

Here is a photo just to help those critics out there, of which I am one of them, to show that I am indeed making Spinach Soup.


With any luck and a blender, then it may look a bit more green in the end, or not.

In any case, I accomplished what I set out to do this morning.

That was, to make Spinach Soup, if you’ve forgotten…..


I Thought About

What to write, what to write?

I thought about writing a blog about Love, but someone might be offended by that. “Who was she? Why haven’t you told us about her before? Am I the one, you are referring to?”

Troubles are something that I have enough of, without having to go down that road.

I could do animals, but I might have to go down Fantasy Lane once again, making someone upset over my rendition of their beloved pet. “You don’t know anything about German Fuzz Dogs! I’ve told all of my friends to read your blog only to boycott it afterwards! My German Fuzz Dog is not ugly, he is just Fur Challenged! Think about that the next time, you decide to print outright lies on your site!

I could do travel instead. Where should I go, where I wouldn’t end up insulting someone’s intelligence? Out in my backyard, perhaps, or down my Inner Ear? Nope. I don’t think that last one will do with my alter ego, “Not another crack about where Wonder Dog has gone! Stick to your own lousy site, if that is, you have any readers left!”

I hate stepping on others toes. Perhaps WordPress has a theme which is in its pure, neutral state? White background and white text. White colored animals are not allowed, for fear of insulting the “White Animal Support Group”. Boycotted using white text on white paper! I just can’t get a break anywhere.

I thought about using my own material. Perhaps photos of my past loves, which didn’t involve Love of course. That might do, if it hadn’t been that I tore up most of their photos and burned them on the bonfire along with their Love Letters. It’s not like my heart was broken, or I held a grudge, but I was warmed for a while on the flames of unrequited love….

It seems as if I have limited my subjects to just a few things, which limits my possibilities with other things. I might have to do a series of blogs using my dreams as subject matter! Each and every day, I’ll write down my dreams, before they disappear into the cosmic ether. Every day will be new and exciting adventures, straight from my unconscious mind. Every day a new memory, which never happened. Every day a new journey into the deep and dark recesses of my mind. Every day something new about how I think!

Or not. Some things are better left unsaid, like “who was that woman in your last dream? Was it really love, or….was it me, who you dreamed about?”

End of this blog.

Blog continues using white text on white background………………


Being Home

I’ve been away visiting home. “How was your trip? Everyone asks. How was it being home?

I was at home. At my Sister’s house in California. It was the same, almost. Oh the small town has grown to a bit larger town, bulging at the sides, but it was in essence the same.

Now I’m at home in Northern Denmark. “How is it being home?” The people here ask. They also ask, “How was it being home?”

Today, I drove to my Sister in-law’s house. Along the motorway, while the Danish sun set in the West. Oranges and reds, the sky was filled with light. As I drove along the smaller highway toward her house, the sky lit the deciduous trees with the same colors. Orange leaves and yellow reflections. The ambient color remained even though the sun had set. I drove through the pine forests and thought about the larches losing their leaves. That wouldn’t happen in California, but then there are no larches there.

I drove along the Eastern side of California bordering on the Great Basin. The desert crept up to the edge of the mountains, taking its Sagebrush with it. The pines and the firs crept down the mountain sides ending in Quaking Aspen along the small brooks, and streams. If I had been home again, I might just experience the Aspens bursting out in the last yellows of the Autumn, quivering and shaking as if to say: “This year is gone away, gone are the greens and the long summer days, gone are the golden rays of sunlight, gone away”.

Here at home the Autumn has finally taken grasp of the Danish foliage. When I returned home, the Autumn had only begun its show with hints and whispers of things to come. I thought about being home with the California Sun giving way to the coolness of Autumn, spreading relief to the millions who have sweated through the long hot Summer, while here at home we drowned in a Summer which was rainy and cool. It wasn’t easy being home this year.

The evening sun is gone now, but the skies won’t let the spectacle rest. The reds give way to the evening purples, while the highway winds closer to my destination. I might just miss the smell of the Sagebrush and its pale green leaves, reminding me of my  home, when it was my home, that is.

I explained to my Sister in-law, how the colors filled my mind and my eyes, as I drove to her house. I described the yellows and oranges, as if it were the first time in my life that I had experienced them like that. “How was it being home?”she asked as she made the evening meal. She didn’t seem to take notice of my fiery Autumn speech, or of the evening glow that still lit my face from the drive.

“Everything is as it was, as it is, so why worry about a few Autumn colors?” she might say.

“How were things back at your sisters’?” she asked politely, as if stirring the soup could tolerate news of my home, while it was being my home again.

I told of my experiences and of the things that I had seen. Being travelers themselves, they nodded politely, but interjected with , “It’s good that you are home again”.

Being at home in the Autumn of 2016, both Autumns and both Homes.

It is nice indeed…………….


The Candy Bag

I have a bag of Candy which never seems to run out. It might be one of those Thought Puzzles, with temptation on the one side and willpower on the other?

My bag is on the largish side. 400 grams. Haribo – a German-made candy with the taste of Apricots.

I am normally not a Candy-person. My wife and 2 kids are though, with any other bag in their possession, biting the dust in no time at all!

However, this flavor is strangely irresistible, and hard to stop eating when I’ve started!

This particular bag went uneaten (unopened) for some months, probably because I forgot I had it?, but one day I found it again, and ate a piece or two, just to make sure it hadn’t gone bad, which it hadn’t!

Every time I sat at my computer, I ate a piece or two (or perhaps more), but it never seemed to empty. A sort of Cornucopia of German Apricot Candy, if you will. I really looked forward to sampling it, again and again, even though I knew the day would come, when it was gone, every last piece!

Today might be that day. Today is when I have scanned the bag and the last remaining piece of this devilish type of Wine Gum.


Can you see it? The last piece! If I had been a stronger person, then it never would have gone this far. I would only have scanned a full bag of candy, tempting the rest of you and your weak ways! I’d like to tell you, that I’ve learned my lesson and that I really can hold out, saving the last piece for a rainy day (it rains often in Denmark), perhaps for my birthday, or Groundhog Day, if it were celebrated in Denmark, that is.


Unfortunately my scanner refused to be a part of this delusion, and has only saved the above piece for your viewing pleasure.

You might want to try it yourself. The fading tastes of artificial apricot are not residing with my taste buds and….

Oops. Now, there is just the empty bag left!

Oh well. I still can purchase it at the store tomorrow, if I had been a Candy Person, you know…..

Which, I’m not!

PS – I’ve also seen this particular type for sale in the USA. If you are also that type of weak person that gives into temptations like that?