Traveling to Copenhagen

Most travelers arrive by plane, as the land borders have become a bit less friendly during 2016.

Which route to take?

I would advise via Iceland, if you are coming from North America. Why, you might ask?


Source: Google Maps

Well, it has just the right conditions for travelers on the way to Denmark.

Let’s compare the size of these 2 Countries:



See. Other than Iceland being a bit more lopsided, then the size comparison is about right.

Relax in the comfort of Iceland, before you take on Denmark. Get acquainted with their funny words, and try your hand at pronouncing the Native Language, in preparation for you visit to Copenhagen. Are they laughing at you? Are you looking for the nearest lava rock to bash some heads in?

Can you say “Police Brutality” in Pure Icelandic?

If they don’t deport you from Iceland back to Northern America, then continue on to Denmark. It’s kind of like getting the card in Monopoly that tells you to “Pass Go” and “Collect $200”.

I feel like a winner every time I’m allowed to leave Iceland, before attempting another foreign Country.

Now you are on the plane on the way to Copenhagen. It is now time to review, what you have learned along the way:

  • How to pronounce Foreign Words, without knowing what they mean
  • How the inside of a Foreign Jail looks like, sharing a heated cell with someone named Olaf
  • Being restricted to the inside of the Airport, when you return home again, or face criminal charges.

Use these experiences, and the rest of what you learned about being handcuffed and gagged to better enjoy your visit in Copenhagen.

It might be a good idea not to insult the Royal Family during your first day in Copenhagen, otherwise you might be visiting the inside of a Danish Jail with someone named Knud!

Unless you like that type of thing?……………….

Little Bird, Big Window

We often get birds who fly into our windows. Some make it, some don’t.

Today, a little bird took a wrong turn into our picture window.

“Smack” which wasn’t anything more than a small “Swish” of a sound when it happened. Through the window, I could see a small bird lying lifeless on the pavement. So young to be killed in such a meaningless way!


Mama bird was on the roof just a minute ago, above the grapevines, keeping an eye on the lifeless form below.

I looked out of the window from time to time, but didn’t see any movement at all. The other birds in the yard went about their business, seemingly unaware of what was happening with others.


They moved quickly trying to find breakfast in the cool Danish morning.

The little bird showed signs of life. It sat up for a bit, as if to gather its wits about it, before trying to fly again.

I looked through the window and took a few pictures through the glass.


It seemed to be OK, but it still didn’t move.

I took a look out of the door, and took a few more pictures.

After closing the door, and looking out again, it was gone.

Now I can continue on with my Sunday, thinking nice thoughts about that little bird and our mean, cruel and nasty picture window, which doesn’t seem at all to be those not-nice things otherwise….

Going Undercover in Copenhagen

For those of you who think this blog is about nightlife in Copenhagen, then you are barking up the wrong Danish Larch!

No dear readers, this blog is about my journey into the unknown, the mysterious, the as yet untried method of convincing the rest of Denmark that Copenhagen is not a 4-letter word. For those of you not accustomed to idioms in English, or Street Language, then that means that some, of not all of my neighbors, co-workers and yes, even my family have protested about my continued coverage of Copenhagen!

“What is wrong with Northern Jutland?”

“What about Viborg?”

“What has Aarhus ever done to you?”

I know a Canadian who has had issues with at least two of those statements, but if you want to consider her side of this twisted tale, then I’d advise you to look here:

Some people seem to love Denmark in every way, shape and form, for whatever reason, I’m not sure exactly?

I’m not even sure if the residents of Copenhagen feel that I am portraying them in the proper light?

You see, it is an uphill battle, regardless of which side of this rather smallish Country, but then the lack of topography makes my job all the less hilly……………….

Anything Can Happen in Copenhagen!

My Ultimate List:

  • Free giveaways of Pinot Noir
  • Elephant ice skating at Nyhavn
  • Take a Mermaid out to lunch
  • Getting lucky at a Copenhagen Bar!
  • Melted Ice Hockey Championships
  • First one up a Palm Tree is a Coconut!
  • The Winter Doldrums – Getting Unlucky at a Copenhagen Bar!
  • Prize giveaways for winners of “All you can drink, but not remember drinking  Pinot Noir”
  • Feeling your way along the floor of your favorite bar. Don’t knock it just yet!
  • Take a Royal out to lunch.
  • Dare to wear a “I Love Québec” button in Downtown Copenhagen!
  • Lose your water bottle, and win a prize
  • Winter Bathing with the other Vikings!
  • Dare to be different: Get a Copenhagen Tattoo!
  • Throw caution to the wind and windsurf to Sweden. Remember your passport!
  • Try to remember, why you decided to visit Copenhagen in February!

My list can just go on and on, but most people will still be wondering why they said, “Yes” to the free giveaways of Pinot Noir?

Who knows? You might end up in bed with someone totally unexpected, but hey! Let yourself go! After all, this is Scandinavia!


A Bum Rap

Some of you might ask, “Aren’t you giving the people of Copenhagen, A Bum Rap?”

Of course not! The whole Country acts as as a, well as a whole.

Almost everyday we, up here in Northern Jutland, speak about Copenhagen:

  • A new highway? Well, more power to them
  • A new bridge? Well, they deserve it more than we do!
  • More money to the Capitol Region? Well, they do pay more taxes over there

You see. Everyone else in Denmark envies the people of Copenhagen, and the others that live on the island of Zealand.

If I mention them to my friends and co-workers here in Aalborg, they shake their heads and say things like:

  • I wish, I were one of them

  • I can’t wait to visit Copenhagen again

  • All of my friends live in Copenhagen

  • If anyone deserves that, then it is them

All of the above statements are put in quotation marks as if to say that they are “implied”, because, as some of you might know, Danes don’t often air their opinions publicly!

That’s why, I’m encouraging everyone around me to join my “10 Days of Fun and Sun in Copenhagen in February 2017!”

Can’t wait to see all of my friends from Jutland there.

Vel Mødt!


Hug a Palm Tree in Copenhagen

No way, some might say.

But it is way. Way out!

Hugging a Palm Tree in downtown Copenhagen is the thing to do when visiting Denmark. A lot of you probably didn’t know that February is the finest month to do so, when the sun’s rays are at the most perfect angle for photographing this event!


I was one of the first to do this most elegant of hugs, but all residents were not as open-minded back then! Just look at me enjoying the February Fun and Sun , and in shorts no less.

I would imagine that if you booked your flight early enough, then I could pose right along side of you when…..what……wait a moment….I’m getting a message in my headphones…..What! Wrong Palm Tree?

Wow. I’m sorry about that, but it seems that my pictures have gotten a bit mixed up. This Palm Tree is actually from the Danish Island of Funen, which is a bit farther south of Copenhagen.

I’ll get back to you on that one……….



A Winter Weary Canadian

Well, Chalk one up for February, Fun and Sun in Copenhagen!

Look here:

This young Canadian girl is probably the first lucky traveler to sign up for my Fun and Sun Tour to Copenhagen in February!

I just can’t say it enough: February in Copenhagen is the place to be in February 2017!

If I’m lying, I’m dying……………………..


I just can’t say February enough times!