Just Like Sweet Sue, Under the Christmas Tree

I used to ask for things that I knew, I never would get.

I worked at a store in California with a woman named Sue. She was rather unpleasant, a bit on the rough and raunchy side, and would have rolled Hells Angel’s members for their lunch money!

Another woman, named Lisa was something of an artist. She heard my pleas about wanting Sue, not really, wrapped up like a present under the Christmas Tree.

The days went by, and Christmas began to close in on me. Lisa came to me one day with a rolled up piece of paper, tied with a bow, and a “Merry Christmas” card attached.

“Open it”.

I obliged, not knowing what to expect. If Lisa had proposed marriage at that point in time, I would have said “Yes”, or at least would have accepted the Honeymoon as Consolation Prize!

Inside there was a painting of a Christmas Tree, and underneath nestled among the many presents, was Sue! Sue in her birthday suit, sporting a red ribbon smack dab where her face would have been!

“Oh, Sue. My Sue. Sue was the stuff that men dreamed of.”

-But all these years later, I only have my nightmares to remember her by…….


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