Buy a Dog, Rent Some Kids

Why be like everyone else? House in the Suburbs, New car. The right neighbors.

Friends coming over? Gosh, I haven’t seen them for ages. The problem is that I don’t have a husband, a house, a dog or kids!

Cars can be rented, why not everything else?

I’m not the bragging type, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I want them to feel good about the choices that they made in life.

They are probably asking themselves: Did I make the right choices? Is my husband cheating on me? Why don’t the kids listen to me? When are we ever going to pay off the mortgage?

I kind of like the idea about renting a dog. The kids need to be well behaved and tight lipped. The husband thing is hard to imagine, even for me. How many years should we have been married? Is he going to hit on my friends? Did I choose correctly, way back when?

It seems way too complicated on such short notice. Perhaps we could meet in a neutral place, a wellness spa, or getaway resort!

The kids are at the Grandparents. The dog is in the kennel. My understanding and sexy husband is minding the house while I am gone. Cleaning and the like.

Happy? Sure I am. When you attain what I have, then you’ll be happy as well!

Why is the rental agency paging me on the loudspeakers?

What have I rented?…………….You’d be surprised!


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