Don’t Forget The Chili!

Tonight, I’m making Lentil Soup. On a Blog site which uses Lentils as its theme, it goes without saying that Lentils are going to enter the picture, sooner or later.

I’ve decided on a recipe in Danish this time, but it might as well have come from English?

Ingredient number 6 is one glass of white wine. I seemed to have overlooked that when I originally found the recipe, but I’m sure to have an open bottle around somewhere?

Nope. Just 8 different types of oil, which even using my imagination, will never be to white wine!

I almost suggested to my wife that we crack open a bottle, and try to drink each other under the table, just like old times! Except for that we never did anything like that before, and tomorrow is a work day once again….

Here is the recipe, shortened for the sake of this blog:


Skyl linserne grundigt og lad dem dryppe af. – rinse the lentils thoroughly and let the water drip off.

Hak løg og chilien, og rist dem i olien. “Chop onions and chili and fry them in the oil” – without being able to understand Danish, you still might recognize the word Chili?
The problem being, that Chili is not one of the listed ingredients! I might just choose to ignore the Chili part, if everyone else will ignore the White Wine part?

Lentils are the model of compromise, if you didn’t know that?

I’ve also forgotten to note the time, so I’ll be guessing when the whole thing is ready.

In addition, I’ve added chopped carrots, which the first, but not selected recipe called for, but I didn’t use it, due to my lack of celery.

This is beginning to look like my own creation, without having to brag about it!

I really couldn’t resist throwing a bit of dried chili in, even though I didn’t need to, this being my own creation. If other people can write blogs about chewing gum on plant leaves, and taking a hot bath in order to adjust their blog site, then I feel that it isn’t a crime to let my hair down, as it were, and throw all caution to the wind!


I’ve also turned down the temperature to avoid burning or, escape of the lentil masses to ruin my Sunday evening, which I don’t always remember to do, when opening up my WordPress site.

Now it is cooling off and after a quick taste, I feel that the new name might be “Lentil Soup with a rather strong taste of chili, which is not the original recommended ingredient!”

If you want to shorten the title, feel free to do so, as I kind of got carried away after the “Not having the opportunity to drink my wife under the kitchen table incident”.

Here is the original recipe in Danish, if you are curious?

God Appetit!