Traveling and Dogs

I wouldn’t want to think that this Epic Journey was just for myself, as I will have the company of Wonder Dog as well!

Some might question my judgement in taking such a young dog on such a trying and demanding trip, but he has assured me that he can make the grade!

I wouldn’t want to convince any of you that I possessed a Talking Dog, because we really don’t possess each other in this life! We might think that our lovers are ours and ours alone, or our pets have owners, but the real truth of the matter is that belief that we possess things, is only in our heads, as we are free spirits all the same. My wife has probably thought through these many years that marriage is like a heavy stone upon her heart, but she is just as able to cast off her chains and become a free bird once again, if of course we didn’t need to be two people that had to pay for the mortgage! With age we become more independent withing the confines of our relationship and, Wait a minute! This was about my dog and not all that other Mumbo Jumbo!

I have noticed how agile he is in chasing his tail, and how he runs up and down the backyard, after having secured himself one of our shoes! If I had half of his energy, and the need to run with my wife’s shoe in my mouth, then I too could attain tremendous feats of climbing the Highest Point in California (it is called Mt Whitney), or swimming in the saline waters of the Lowest Point (Badwater in Death Valley).

I am looking forward to standing on top of some mountain, with my dog at my side and my left boot in my mouth.

Then we could both chase his tail to celebrate……


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