Thank My Lucky Clouds

My wife says that I don’t wish for enough things. “The most important things in life must be wished for, even if you don’t attain them, then you still can wish!”

Denmark has been rainy this Summer. Very rainy. During this week Perseid meteor showers are visible in Denmark, which would fit perfectly with my Trip Planning down my Inner Ear!

Star light, Star bright, First Star I see tonight…..

Then, I can wish for a good trip, or that my other wishes over time will come true. I might just wish that my Family in the States are all friends and that we can all share quality moments during the time that we are together!

I wish that Los Angeles is Smog-Free while I visit there, and that the Freeways are not congested whatsoever!

I wish that I can find affordable parking possibilities when visiting San Francisco, and that the car that I’ll be renting will be returned to the Rental Store without a scratch on it!

I wish that I’ll be able to meet my first Girlfriend once again, and talk about those good times, we spent together!

I wish for a safe journey, being able to show Wonder Dog the things that I remember most about my time living in Los Angeles, and that my Journey Down My Inner Ear will inspire others to experience the same wonders that I did!

I also wish that the cloudy skies that have obstructed my view of the heavens,the Perseid meteor showers and any and all hope of attaining the above wishes had cleared up at the last minute, allowing me to get the girl, win the game and live happily ever after in the Greatest Country on Earth!

….The rain fell silently down on our hero, as the curtain quietly came to a close. His girlfriend of long ago packed her bags and wiped a tear from her cheek, turning away not wanting to face him during his darkest hour. Even Coco the Wonder Dog put his tail between his legs and slunk out of the room, not even uttering a whimper to his downtrodden master…..

Hello. Read my Lips. It was Cloudy, OK? End of Blog!