Reasons for Traveling

Why, some might ask, is it important for me to take the trip of the lifetime – Now?

  • Are you dying or something?
  • Was it in your Mother’s will, do this, or be disinherited?
  • Did the look in your Dog’s eyes tell you that it was now?
  • Are you doing it for the Babes, or the accolades?
  • Have you given up on visiting Montréal, and have settled for this trip instead?
  • Have you heard voices, or have you always heard voices?
  • Wasn’t there enough in your life after reading Harry Potter in German?

I might liken it to my love of the great outdoors, even though my Inner Ear is indoors. I might also liken it to my sense of adventure, or my distaste for blogs that only cover important, or interesting topics, and have decided that it is time for the others out there to taste my travel cooking, most likely burned, and stuck to the bottom of the pan!

What is life without having to use steel wool once in a while, because your blog won’t be cleaned in the dishwasher, and the wife is yelling that we’ll never have the chance to make the traditional Danish Delight again in the pan that her mother gave to us on our wedding anniversary! Doesn’t our relationship mean more to you than your blogging? What will I tell our friends, when they ask where you are once again? Steel Wooling it? If only I had a dollar for each time, I let you ruin our lives together by taking one of your trips. I might have left you long ago and would be living the life of Reilly somewhere else than on the edge of your Inner Ear!

That might just be a reason in itself for traveling…..