The Right Colors

I’ve been working on my new Blog Site. That’s the one that will take me and you down the Journey of a Lifetime!

Down my Inner Ear!

I should make a separate site, with a catchy title like:

Earingly Yours, or Towards the Inner Sanctum!

Then the most important of all things: The Colors!

Red, Blue and White. Those are the colors of the USA, just in a different order than you’d normally hear of them. White, Blue and Red – Sound better?

“A boy and his dog journey down the Inner Ear, while in the US of A, eating Doritos and drinking Dr Pepper!”

Even better would be the smile of a woman! Why her smile? That is the most enticing thing about us. The way we smile. I’ve been attracted to many women, just by the way that they smile!

That might just do the trick. The smile of a smiling woman, one that I know, and who doesn’t claim to know me. One who wouldn’t mind having her smile decorate the front page of my Inner Ear Travel Blog, never really knowing that she too would be involved in the danger and excitement that might come of it!

I’d also have to write something catchy, endearing and easily repeatable in my “About” section. Perhaps like: “Don’t go where I wouldn’t go, or Fasten your Seat belt for the ride of your life, or Low Bridge. Keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times!”

I should also include a photo of my Dog somewhere on the site. The Dog with the Bleu, wHiTe and rEd eYes. The Dog of Mystery. The Dog I met while on my first journey down the Alimentary Canal. The Hound of Hell. The Dog you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark street on any night in Montréal! Dogs for the masses! The only dog I’d choose to accompany me on this journey!

Then the timing of the site’s opening blog. Bold and unabashed. Strikingly enticing, but resembling all, or none others. A new format. With New Colors. New Faces. New Dogs!

I might have to limit the comments to 15 pr day. Being out and about, I wouldn’t necessarily have time to deal with the accolades that come with such success! “Did you see him?” some might ask. “Did you touch the hem of his garment?” “Was she with him at the presentation of his new site?” “Did they look like they were in Love, or was she just faking it, like she’s done so many times before?”


“Why didn’t the dog smile?”

“Wouldn’t you be better off with a smiling dog?”

“Drop the Puppy, and hire yourself a real, Smiling Dog!”

So many things to consider, when making a new site!

I thought that choosing the right colors would send me on my way

I can’t even see White! It is there, I know it is. Which shade of Bleu should I choose? Is the red square too small, or the Bleu too large?

No smiling dogs, and the wrong colors!

And a woman, who is faking her smile!

I might just join a monastery instead!

  • If they have the right colors, that is……..