Traveling Down My Inner Ear

Some of my co-workers asked me today, “Are you going to write a Blog when you visit the USA?”

That was way too easy of a question.

I could have answered, “A piece of Cake”, or “My mother wore Army Boots”, but I was afraid that they wouldn’t understand!

I’d rather write a Blog about my Inner Ear. Without the Wax!

Why the Inner Ear?

Wouldn’t that be more interesting, than a bunch of old photos of things, that everyone has seen a million times before?

USA – Bah! What would I wouldn’t do for a pocket full of “Likes” and yet even more “Followers” who think that I resembled Harrison Ford in my younger days!

“Now we’re rounding the first bend”, I’d say, thinking that my description of my Inner Ear – The Left One, was more interesting than the “Hollywood Sign”, or skateboarders in Santa Monica!

“Smog in a Can”, could be my next blog, but everyone would clamor for more of my Innermost Ear Stories, of the Woman who dared to love the man who made such a journey, and the School Children who camped outside my house, waiting for an autograph, or a piece of Ear Wax to amaze and astound their classmates with!

The hopeful readers of my Blog would still be waiting for a Blog about California, but none would come. A number of their comments would end up in my SPAM filter: Just how far can you go down your Inner Ear? Can it continue to be interesting? What happened to Los Angeles?

Well, LA is exactly where I left it some 25 years ago, but my Inner Ear has been with me all along!

“My Inner Ear” – Can’t wait to read that one!