Kamloops or California?

Well, some of you probably thought that I’d left blogging behind for other places, but I just had to post an update on my upcoming trip to Kamloops!

The problem is that I seem to have mixed up my travel plans a bit and might be heading to California instead of Canada!

If you don’t think about C and K having the same pronunciation, than it really doesn’t matter if Kamloops starts with a C, or California with a K?

According to Wikipedia: Canadian diaspora:

Country or Territory Canadian citizens Source
United States 1,062,640 Coulombe and DeVoretz, 2009

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_diaspora

The population of Kamloops is 85.678 (2011) of which might just comprise a number of Californians?

If any of you are seeing, where I am heading with this, then raise your hands……

I thought, I saw one or two in the back rows, that have seen the logic in my reasoning, but I’ll just explain it for the rest of you:

If I were to end up in California, which might be spelled Kalifornia, then that would almost be like being in Canada, or Kanada, if that helps you? I’m not suggesting that Kanada is the same as Kalifornia, but I might just come across some homesick Kanadians, who might or might not say that they are Canadians, dependent on how much they really miss Kamloops, or don’t like the thought of voting for Donald Trump?

If I do end up in California, instead of Kamloops, then my logical explanation should be known to you, out there, causing no distress whatsoever in my way of thinking? I’d like to think that I will still be flying into Kamloops International Airport, but it might just be LAX in Los Angeles, which might be the same anyway? If the airplane is blown off course, or we need to land in Kamloops to tank up, then I’d like you to disregard this blog all together!

If I am still writing blogs, when I get to that point in time, then I might just happen to regale you all with a few tales of the wilds of Kamloops, aka. Los Angeles, or any point along the map between those two places.

I’m happy to have gotten that off my chest, before my trip out West, thinking that a lot of you – all, might have been disappointed in thinking that I was having the time of my life in Kamloops, but chose not to share it with the rest of you-all!

I might still not do so, but now you-all, have something more to live for!

Dedicated to the Canadian in all of us!……


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  1. šŸ™‚ Make sure to inform any Canadian friends you might have if you/or you don’t end up in Kanada, or Kalifornia, both or neither šŸ˜‰


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