Travel or Dogs?

I’ve been enjoying my break from constant blogging. It has given me an opportunity to look back on my site over the last year, and wonder why it should continue?

It might just be transformed into 2 other sites: One with Travel and One with Dogs. Those are the topics that get the most reads, and what others seem to react to. Rather Shallow some might say, but hey! If that is what gets the likes, then I should consider those options!

I’ve written on a number of topics, some of which were pure boredom\time killing blogs, some pure whimsy, and others were short stories. I’ve looked through them all, and have removed a great number from my site, as a lot of them were just fillers, between the other things. They might have had some merit at the time, but since Blogging is a Here and Now type of thing, then they were forced to reside in one of my many categories, until someone happened upon them once again.

I still have a number of drafts, but those don’t fit the Travel, or Dog themes, so they will have to wait for another, truly uninteresting site in the future.

I’d like to thank all of my followers, who have supported me in the past, but I guess, all that adulation just wasn’t enough to keep my interest in writing things that the majority of people out there, didn’t feel like supporting my ideas along those lines. Blogging has no easily definable guidelines, none that I could find, with a lot of Blogs – Like my Fantasy Blog about my long, lost friend from Botswana (Facebook Blog), getting the most likes of them all. It must have touched some people, somehow, somewhere, but if read between the lines, then you might just see that it was just tongue in cheek!

I’ve considered taking a number of photos of my dog, and cropping them down to a puzzle-like series, in which each week would be a new foot, ear, or tooth. If that’s what really sells things, then I might just combine his many parts with photos taken of him in exotic places. Dogs and Travel = Together Again!

I haven’t decided to delete this main site as yet, leaving it to languish away, while I decide on my new direction with the whole thing.

If any of this makes sense, then you should make some sort of comment, but I don’t think it’ll change my mind about shuffling of this mortal blog coil and moving on to something else!

It’s been a fun ride, thanks for joining me for all, or part of it!



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