New Dog in Town

My wife is trying out her new profession, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Dogs are expensive. Sort of like Children. There are always new things to buy, troubles along the way, medical bills. Despite that, we love them all the same.

Yesterday while I was working outside, weeding and cleaning up, a new dog moved into my house. He resembled the old dog a bit, but there were certain differences that could not be denied.

Here is the old dog, taken last week on Tuesday:

And here is the new dog, taken today:

Please note the similarities between them!

I was just getting used to the old dog, when the new dog suddenly came into the picture. I hope, he is just like the old dog in personality, so as to lessen the stress of breaking in a new dog?

Oh, and what of my wife’s profession?

Dog Trimmer. Willing or unwilling subjects – Line forms here _.


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