The Equinox Agreement, Summer Next

She’d tell me from time to time, about the Equinox Agreement. “I have a signed piece of paper with your name on it, agreeing to the terms and stipulations of such.” She said it with such conviction, that I had to believe her, even though my doubts were beginning to show themselves to me, when she wasn’t at home.

I tried to remember back to the time when I lived by myself. I almost remember my routine. You know, get up for work, make my breakfast and lunch, get dressed, and the like. I might have turned on my TV, if it was in my TV days, and not in my boycott TV days, or something. I lived my life alone, went to work, then came home again to the same place. Ate my dinner in silence then did something or other to pass the time until it was time for bed. I can’t say exactly, as there are gaps in my memory. One of those gaps concern when I met her, when we moved in together and when she started telling me, that we’ve always been together.

I never was much for contact with my family and had just a few friends in my life, so there wasn’t really anyone who could corroborate her claims. I didn’t even have another girlfriend before her, at least not one that I could remember. She could have pounded on my door one day, yelling at me for dumping her for someone else. Crying uncontrollably about how we had spoken of marriage and having kids, and how her father had offered me a position in his company!

There just weren’t any of those incidents. No one to save me from myself, and the Equinox Agreement. I considered running away, and starting out somewhere else, some place where I could be myself again. I just needed someone to push me in that direction.

I asked her one day, to tell me again about the Agreement, being so forgetful and all.

“Silly you”, she said smiling, but with a serious after look which told me that I had asked about this one too many times.

“Now look”, she said. “Every time there is an Equinox, you need to tell me how much you love me and cherish our time with each other. You will have planned this day for months since the last Equinox, in order to surprise me on the big day. I am always just as surprised as the time before, and can’t wait until the next time comes.”

The next occasion was the Summer Equinox. “My favorite of all Equinoxes”, she said. I knew this to be true, but didn’t want to show my doubts about our relationship, before my suitcase was packed and my train ticket purchased, throwing glances behind me over my shoulder, that she might be right behind me?

The month of May was drawing to a close with June barking and scratching at my door. “Let me in” it said and appeared at every window, and door. Anticipating entry at any moment.

June, I muttered to myself. June has arrived, and I am still not ready to go. I almost could not stand myself anymore, not being able to agree on the most simple of things. Coffee today, or Tea? Necktie, or casual Sweater? Staying with her, or…..or…..

I couldn’t even be sure, if what I was planning, was the right thing to do? I felt that I didn’t have enough options, enough choices with a way out, if all else failed.

“You are being very secretive, aren’t you?” she would ask from time to time. I have great expectations about the coming Equinox, she’d say smiling, as if she knew that a change was coming. She might have known it before me?

On the day of the Summer Equinox, I was certain that I had covered my tracks well, as I started off towards the train station. I imagined that she would be searching for me, from room to room, not being able to fathom that I was not, where I should have been, not like all of the Equinoxes before.

I had strange feelings, as I stood at the Train Station, waiting for the Train to Freedom. My Freedom. I didn’t know where I was going, or what I would do when I got there, but one thing was for certain, I would be away from her for good. I would have to find a new way of celebrating the Equinoxes. Perhaps nothing at all, or looking at the door expecting someone like her, waving the Agreement in her hand, taking my hand and returning me back to our home, locking the door and smiling.

I boarded the Train without any difficulty. I found my seat and stared at the sign on the Train Station, “Welcome to Equinox! Population 2”. A man entered my view carrying a ladder on his shoulder. He stopped under the sign and climbed up carrying something in his hand. He replaced the “2” with “1”, then promptly disappeared once again.

The train pulled away from the Station, with a lone figure standing there waving goodbye to me.

“Goodbye” someone cried in the distance.

I turned and looked, and she was gone. I didn’t think about it again, and only concentrated on my newspaper, outlining the day’s events. At the next station, I got off, not knowing what to expect, or if anyone would be greeting me there.

“Hello”, a voice said. “I’m glad you’ve come home again.” A figure embraced me, and gave me a kiss. We walked away from the tracks, hand in hand.

“You’ll never know what happened to me”, she said as we went back to our house. “While you were gone, I met someone, but he left a few minutes before you arrived! You would have liked him a lot, I’m sure.”

I turned and looked into her eyes, and tried to remember just who she was.

“I’m happy you made it home in time for the Summer Equinox, she said with a gleam in her eye. It is my favorite time of year, don’t you remember?…….