Water and Ships, Not in Focus

I was attending an event this weekend in the Danish City of Hobro. It is called Nordisk Sejlads, which is a get-together of rigged ships from 3 Countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Her is a Facebook link for all of you FB people out there:


or, for the rest of the world:


*Look under 2016 and you’ll see the ships and the harbors participating in this event.(Number 9 is the ship shown in my photos, Jens Krogh).

  • Just in Swedish-Norwegian-Danish, or something like that.

These rigged ships begin in Denmark then sail to Sweden, ending up in Norway. I took a lot of photos, but those will have to wait for another day soon!

I did take these photos of the water under one ship, Jens Krogh, mentioned in other posts on this site.

I thought they were interesting, and are not in focus on purpose!

There were a lot of small jellyfish in the water, but the wind took all clarity from you seeing them as well.

Happy sailing from Denmark…


Also not the whole me, on purpose!


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