Weed Update

I have exciting news on the Weed Front!

I’ve noticed a new weed taking shape in my garden over the past few weeks, of a rather colorful nature.

I’ve used the Internet to narrow the search, and have come upon the following information:

Atriplex hortensis rubra

Red Mountain Spinach was one common name that I found on an English website:


I know, I know that a lot of you will want to consider this as just a Red Goosefoot, and you would be justified in the fact that it had been in the Goosefoot family for many years, but now it has been placed in the Amaranth Family.


I feel rather privileged that this “weed” has chosen to visit me this year, and it is edible to boot!

I haven’t cooked it as yet, but am looking forward to doing so soon.

More on that later on!

Happy Weeding from Denmark…..



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