Friends, Not Forgotten

I’ve been spending some time, musing over the power of Facebook and what it means in our lives.

I feel that Facebook is, to some degree, rather aggressive in its tactics to involve itself in our lives. It seems as if it asks me, with regular intervals to reveal even more of my personal life, even though I am hesitant about doing just that.

It has though brought me back to my past, and the people and things that I did when I was a young man growing up in Botswana. Having lived in Europe this many years, I have tended to forget my years studying at the University in Botswana, and my best friend from that time in my life.

Facebook might be many things, but it is not infallible. It seems that my best friend from that time in my life, is not able to be found using Facebook’s many techniques for bringing people together. I could of course assume the worst, but it might just be as simple as my friend is not the Facebook type, and has decided not to follow along with the rest of the world.

A number of my current colleagues at work have requested me as a friend, but I adhere to a strict policy of separating my personal life, from my private life. I have also refrained from adding my workplace to my Facebook profile, but after many tries, being reminded to do so, I have now jumped on the Bandwagon, and have revealed my past to my friends and family.

My current job is beyond my wildest imagination, which shows how far you can come in life, if you just put your dreams on-line, and expand your thoughts to encompass the wildest possibilities. My past contacts with Botswana have also crept into some of my blogs and rest assured that you will be hearing more of Gaberone, in my coming posts.

I hope that you too will remember the people in your past, and hope that they will become some of your most cherished friends as well on Facebook. I still hold onto the hope that my good friend, will come forth someday, and we can share some of the good times, we had with each other during the 20 most happy years of my life, while studying at the University!

I only hope that he managed to graduate, which would warm the cockles of my heart, knowing that one of us has a diploma from Limkokwing University hanging on their wall.

My family and friends will indeed be surprised, when my past life is finally revealed, showing them that dreams can come true, if they only allow their imagination run away with them, as I have!

Remember to let your thoughts take you to the farthest reaches on this planet, showing that there are no limits to where we go, or what we can do, if we really want them badly enough!

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Regardless of the outcome, I still will be keeping a special place in my heart for my old friend, Mbongo Ponopongo, where ever he might be at this point in time.

I miss you greatly, old friend……