Goosefoot Anyone?

I’ve been on a weed kick again this week. No, not the kind that you smoke, but the kind that grows everywhere, where you don’t want it to.

I guess, that still might confuse some people. What weed exactly am I talking about?:

Figenbladet Gåsefod fugleognaturdk


This is a Goosefoot, Danish version. Chenopodium ficifolium

This is not a Botany Blog, but it might turn into that, if I fell off the fantasy blog wagon, and started doing real life things!

No, this has been in my lunchbox during the last few days. Stir-fried with a bit of Olive Oil and perhaps some onions, and a pinch of salt, then I have a nice, cheap alternative to Spinach.

If you don’t like wrinkled noses and OMG comments, then either don’t tell others what you are eating, or take a stand and say, “I’m proud to be eating weeds!”.

I don’t get much flak, as I am known as one who makes and eats Burning Nettle Soup, and for reading Harry Potter Books in German, so most of my co-workers have accepted my idiosyncrasies, as one of the things that make me, me.

So, take your Internet pages in hand (I would have a book) and look up what might be edible in your neck of the woods.

Remember to go after taste, otherwise you might be labelled as a fanatic, who only eats weeds to gain attention to themselves, and not for their culinary excellence!

Bon Appétit!