Mid Summer. 23 June 2016 Denmark

Today is known in Denmark as Sankt Hans Aften, or Mid Summer to the rest of the world.

The celebration which marks the Summer Equinox in Denmark, at least close to that day, in any case.

Here is a Wiki-link for all of you, who aren’t familiar with this day:


Here is the bonfire in various stages:

sankt hans bål før

Before the burnable pile is moved into position, 2 days ago.


Now the witch is getting a bit warm.


She’s heading for a fall.


The party at a distance.


Smoke clouds over Denmark.


Young people playing with the fire.

vi elsker vort land

Here are the words to the song, which is sung every year. In Danish of course.

Here is a partial translation:

We love our land
When it signals Christmas time
Light up the stars in the tree
With a twinkle in each eye
When springtime is about
Every bird over field and down by beach
Let your voice greet us with warbles
“We sing your laws over our ways
We sound your name when our harvest is freed”
But the most beautiful wreath becomes your, Saint hans
It is the start of summers heart so warm, so glad
But the most beautiful wreath will therefore be yours

We love our land
Our midsummer most
When each cloud over the field sends a blessing
When the flowers are in bloom
And the cattle go in from pasture

Source: http://www.phrasebase.com/archive2/danish/sankt-hans.html

If you are interested in how the melody sounds, then here is a link for you:

You do need to remember that it is from 1885, and might not fit into everyone’s idea of a “hit” song by today’s standards, but it has become a tradition in Denmark, rain or shine every year at the same time.

It has rained all day in Northern Jutland. Here is the weather map at 5:10pm, just 3 hours before our local bonfire was to begin in Aalborg.
regn 1710

Then just before the main event, the rains stopped.

Here is the view at 9:10 pm.

vejr 2110

Everyone was happy to be able to enjoy the evening, together with family and friends.

And Coco the dog enjoyed being out as well…..

coco sankt hans

Happy Midsommer fra Danmark!