The Cancellation of Summer – Travels part 1

I just stood there, ticket in hand, wondering why these things always seemed to happen to me?

I thought, if I chose another line to stand in, then there might still be a bit of Summer to be had for me?

Summer Express – Lines Don’t Form Here

All of the Summer windows seemed to be closing one by one. Everyone who had been lucky, was on their way to here and there, laughing and singing their Summer songs, blowing kisses at each other, and going hand in hand out of the building.

I went to the last window, where the sign said, “Summer Refunds”. It was kind of dusty and needed painting, but I thought it still was open a bit.

“Hello”, I said. Knocking on the window a bit.” Hello in there, anybody home?”

The window opened slowly but surely, as if there actually was a real person behind it.

“What do you want? Go away and enjoy your Summer. This window is closed for the season.”

“I’ve got this ticket, you see?” Talking not necessarily to anyone in particular, but my story needed telling all the same. “I’ve got the whole Summer yet to explore, and I just can’t come home without it!” I tried to sound needy and pitiful in a needy and pitiful kind of way, hoping my last hope that I would indeed be lucky this time around.

“Come in if you have to, and let us have a look at you”.

The doorway gave way to a Sunny Beach, but I’d come too close to the water in my Springtime Shoes. “Watch out for the Sand Crabs you Dolt!”, which was not said in an unkind way, but then not everything to do with Sand Crabs can be defined as kind or unkind.

She was lying all alone on a beach, which said something to me of Summer, which I thought I could recognize, even though I still only was dressed for Spring. “Kind of out of place, aren’t you?” She looked up from her beach towel, squinting in the Summer Sun, peering at me over her darkest of glasses, while sipping on her straw, her Summer drink straw.

Stand a bit over to the left, won’t you?” I didn’t see any reason, not to help her out in this case, so i moved to the left.” The left, you blockhead, not the right. Honestly, if we are ever going to see eye to eye, then it doesn’t do any good thinking about the world from your vantage point!”

She was right, in a kind of nasty, put down way. She was right. I tried to change my attitude, and my outlook on life. I considered Hedgehogs and Giraffes, and could see that they would never make it as a couple, having to shoot looks of longing at each other and what might have been. I moved in the reverse direction, hoping that it was the right way, and not having to rub her the wrong way?

“We haven’t even exchanged telephone numbers, and you are concerned about rubbing me the wrong way”, she said in the shade of my Hassock, which I lay upon, draped over like a set of Monday’s pajamas, cast off after a cold night’s sleep.

I was still thinking of Spring, while she was obviously in a Summer Way. “I don’t usually sleep in pajamas in the Summer”, she said, as if that were information that would be useful to remember? “Well, said while mustering my courage, What do you sleep in?”

She leaned back again, spilling her drink over the silica sand, rich in aragonite.” Have you ever been in the Gobi Desert?”, she asked rather matter of factly, while not looking at me anymore. “This is not the same as Dune Sand, but it has fooled others, mind you.”

I took off my shoes, and threw them into the water, only to have them brought back to me on the next set of waves. My Spring socks had holes in them, which made me tuck them carelessly into my back pocket, and act as if I’d always had my Summer Feet ready to test the sandy waters, as it were.

I dug my toes into the sand, and held my index finger in the air. The right one, that is. “Are you sure this isn’t Quartz sand with green glauconite?”

She chose that moment to bolt upright and sneer in my direction. “Does this look like Estonia to you?” said in such a way, that I needed to rethink my location and began to squint across the sandy beaches, holding my hand over my eyes, while trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t raise her ire.

“You are right, you know, this is definitely not Estonia material! The sun is all wrong, and the lighthouses are not in the same way. Definitely not Estonia!”

She fell back down once again, and contemplated my toes in the sand. “Not from around here, are you?” said, as if she could tell that by looking at my whitish toenails, and rather Spring colored feet.

“No. I was actually on my way to Summer, but got waylaid by a lack of seats on the Summer Express. I took quite a bit of baggage from Spring, you see, but it has weighted me down quite a bit. I’m not sure if that is what caused me to be bumped from the passenger list, but as I’ve run out of other plausible explanations, I could see no other recourse than to seek a refund. And that is what brought me here to you.”

“Do you think?”

She said that in such a way, that I knew I was in trouble.

I felt that I had been as honest as possible, and had thrown myself on the mercy of the Court. “I wronged her. I did. I wronged her, and now I’m being punished for my actions. She stuck by me, and righted me out, but that was not enough for me. It was never enough though. Everyone was pointing at me, wishing me to be in harm’s way, hoping for a heavenly interjection, but that was not in this courtroom. That was not in this lifetime.”

“Do you think, that in talking to me, that you will gain my favor, lying here next to me in your Spring way, while I am contemplating Summer, all alone by myself?”

I could see that this was not the window for refunds, but in the way that she looked into my eyes, made me think that there would be a Summer Journey for me, if I played my cards right that is.

“Jack of Diamonds”, she said while keeping her cards close to her chest. “Can you match that, or are you not the betting type?” I peeked at my cards, adjusting my visor a bit trying to keep prying eyes away from my hand. I thought, I had a pair of Aces a minute ago, but wait a minute, here they are, “Aces High” I said with as much conviction as possible, waiting for her to show her hand.

“Fold”, she said. “You win. I guess, we’ll be journeying together, but I warn you, my favors are not to be trifled with.”

“Not by me”, I told her, but I wanted to be with her tonight, all the same.

Not by me…..





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  1. Lovely to meet you! I come by way of Cyranny’s meet and greet. I am looking forward to following your blog and to delving into your vivid and imaginative stories. 🙂


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