Sailing on Limfjord Canal – Denmark

Yesterday I took a short sailing trip on the Limfjord Canal, Aalborg – Denmark.

The weather looked threatening, and didn’t disappoint in that respect!

water fra sejl

I know of a ship called Jens Krogh, a Ketch Built in Frederikshavn, Denmark in 1899.

It was purchased in 1973 and restored to its original state. The local Scout Troop, FDF-Søkreds use it as a practice and training ship. It sails in, and around the waters of Denmark and regularly participates in Tall Ships Races, in the waters from England to Poland. It gives young people a sense of participation and accomplishment allowing them to enjoy the life and love of the seas.

The trip passed through 2 draw-bridges, first the railroad, then the automobile.

Here are some pictures from the railroad bridge:

Then the trip continued to the automobile bridge, which was scheduled to open at 6pm (kl.1800).

The Limfjord Canal stretches from the North Sea on the Western side of Denmark to the Kattegat Sea on the Eastern Side.


The rain started with Thunder, then continued for the next 1½ hours, without stop.

We sailed to the Power Plant (Nordjylland Power Station (Danish: Nordjyllandsværket) is a coal-fired combined heat and power plant) located near the topmost bend on the above map, then returned once again to Aalborg.


At the main docks in Aalborg a yearly event, Aalborg Regatta was just getting started, with Jens Krogh also participating in the respect of helping to create an atmosphere of Sailing Ships, especially the older wooden ones.

I took a lot of other pictures, but they can wait until the next blog on the same subject.

I leave you with a short video, which shows a similar trip on the Limfjord Canal, usining time lapse video:

Video by Simon Pedersen

The fellow with the lighter hair, seen at the upper right hand portion of the ship, who seems to be more of a tourist, than a participant, seems vaguely familiar to me, but I can’t say exactly why?



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