Me and My New Friend

My son of 14 years has acquired a new iphone 6. His old Iphone 4 has been discarded, and while it was lying around not doing anything, dead to the world, it suddenly called out to me.

It might have been some sort of after-life experience, or was on its way to Silicone Heaven, when it, or its creator, decided that its work on this planet was not yet completed, and it was time to re-charge, and dedicate its life to someone new?

There I was, happy enough with my Mega-cheap Huawei telephone, when there came a knock on my Digital Door. I must admit to having toyed with the idea before, but I knew deep down in my heart, that iphones were only for the younger generation. If you could see my daughter and how fast, she can type an e-mail, reduce the brightness, or discard energy wasting apps, then you’d have to bow down, and take your “digital” hat off to her any day.

She was there in the beginning to help me re-set the phone, do the initial set-up and disappoint me about Google Fotos, due to the antiquity of my IOS software. My first time using an iphone and having to find out that it was Old Time Software. I’ve often felt that I could do Old Time this and that, being a bit farther ahead in that respect than the others in the family! I gritted my teeth, and tightened my belt and set off toward a Brave New World!

The road was rocky in the beginning. When I attempted to take a picture of myself, I was reminded by a chance young person, that I really didn’t take a picture of myself, having to press the white button instead. When that succeeded, I was on my way again, and asked to check our location (while being driven to a course for my job) via Google Maps. I didn’t seem to have that App, but was able to download it all by myself! I couldn’t seem to locate it anywhere, though, but that is understandable with a memory capacity of a whopping 16 Gigabytes!

My daughter also showed me how to save battery life by reducing the brightness, but it got so dark in the car, I had to request the driver to turn on the inside lights in order to find the phone once again! After being found, I couldn’t figure out how to re-set the brightness, but did receive any number of messages via some app, which I didn’t even know I had, or wanted! I began to feel quite rich with an iphone, a pocket full of apps and people who had called me, without there being any irritating dial tones, or other noises. My telephone did vibrate once or twice during the day, but I was embarrassed to ask the others, if I had done something to deserve such treatment, being a Newbie and all?

There I was, sending messages via Facebook Messenger, and telling my friends I was “Chatting” with a young woman from Canada. They gave me the same funny type of looks that my wife usually does, prompting me not to tell them that interesting fact anymore! She had asked if she could journey along with me during my business trip, by being a “virtual”stowaway in the trunk of the car? It wasn’t my car, and it remained under the deck of the car ferry, we were on, between islands in Denmark. I hope she enjoyed herself down there if she was there that is, while I was on one of the upper decks, taking with the others in the car, enjoying the trip to the nearby island?

Here is a map of our route today:


source: Google Maps

The actual time on the Ferry was 75 minutes, and with luck, I did have an opportunity, or two, when I could chat with my friend in Montréal, who might have been 2 decks below in not my car, and not actually being on the trip with me?

It is quite noisy under the deck on such a monstrosity with the motors roaring and all, so if she managed to knock on the trunk, and ask if anyone was there, she might as well yelled at me from Montréal for all the good that it would do her!

I wondered if my photos were going to reside on my iPhone permanently, or if they wanted to escape for a bit and visit my PC, but that remains to be seen, while I write this blog.

Well, that was painless as well. Here are a few exciting shots of the Ferry from the outside and what the Cafeteria looked like beside the many filled seats!


OK I guess, I didn’t take a picture of the Cafeteria, because the others had started to tease me about doing so, but I found out that I was just as good to have my finger in the photo (showing the cars on the lower deck)with a fancy iPhone as with my cheapy Huawei. That was a consolation for me, if you didn’t know it?

Well, the day was winding to a close, after having traveled to what others in my part of Denmark refer to as “Devil’s Island”, but to the rest of the English-speaking world is called “The Island of Zealand.”

I had some worrying moments when the driver of the car opened the trunk to get something out, but my friend was luckily nowhere to be seen! If she had been with us, or not remains to be seen, but luckily there is no immigration control while traveling within Denmark’s inside boundaries!

My iPhone seemed to be getting tired as the battery level began to drop off the scale, reducing my apps-time considerably.

I wouldn’t want you to feel cheated out of anymore photos of my exciting trip, so I am enclosing 2 more, taken with my iPhone 4s 16 (I wrote that down on my left hand with an ink pen) after exiting the Ferry, and entering Denmark’s second largest City, Aarhus.

The first shows a building with foreign writing on it, which seems to be exciting for some people? While the second one is even more exciting, with some sort of construction work for the new Light Rail System scheduled to be in operation in 2017, depending on Union Fights, cost over-runs, and a general bureaucracy, which luckily is found in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world!

Here is a Wiki-link telling almost nothing about it in English, but again Wiki-links are important for some people in our Digital Age!

I’ll admit to not taking any special photographic considerations while shooting the above photos, but then the iPhone was probably talking to one of my many Facebook Friends (8 of them) or installing some apps for me, without bothering to tell me about it?

I would point out that the orange colors in the right hand photo do give some contrast to an otherwise uninteresting  photo, but then, what would I know about something like that?