(I’ve Got Dem Old) Flaxseed Blues (Again, Mama)

Yesterday, I finally purchased a new batch of Flaxseed! Good Times are here again!

Why Flaxseed?……………. Why not?

OK. That was a Flaxseed joke for insiders, but it is due to Omega-3. Now you know.

Back when cooking and plant-lore were my bread and butter of fanatic hobbies (about 2 years ago), I really got into Omega-3. I threw those ALAs and EPAs and DHAs around with the best of them! My friends who couldn’t accept the new me, were left in the dust with their Walnut Oils and Fish Capsules. Oh, I do admit to having leanings that way, but the shiny look of Flaxseed brought me home once again!

I knew though, I had to be careful about this love affair! There is danger in all things, and too much Flaxseed is also not a good thing. Apparently where a lot of Flaxseed is grown like in Canada, India and China, Cadmium is a problem in the soils. I’m no different than the next Baby-Boomer who loves his Heavy Metal (Music) but going the Cadmuim way, is Bad News, dear Dude and Dudettes!

I can control this hankering (I am sure of it) by only consuming 1 teaspoon per day, and using Organically Grown Flaxseed at that!

It has though, been “Out of Stock” over the last few months, as I have fallen off the Flaxseed cart, being tempted by the “Other Side”. I guess, the attraction of doing the Wrong Thing is just too strong at times that it lures me to those places, where I know it is wrong, but do so all the same.

Here is a picture of the Real McCoy:


Notice how official looking it is with its “Danish Certified Organic Symbol” in Red and “EU’s Certified Organic Symbol” in Green on the front of the bag!

It’s almost like coming home again!