Missing Viborg

I have an itch, I can’t seem to scratch! It’s called Viborg, and I miss it so dearly.

I know, I know. I live in Denmark, but there is just something magical about Viborg!

A friend of mine, from Canada, visited it recently, but couldn’t tear herself away from it! I guess, it had that special Danish Charm that the rest of Denmark’s 5 million or so residents, are used to seeing/experiencing, that they have just accepted it as an everyday experience?

Try to see the blog for yourself: https://cyrannyblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/day-5/

I’ve chosen Viborg 1, but if you are really daring, then by all means, take the Viborg plunge and do Viborg 2 as well!

I’ve spent a lot of time reading her blogs, while stuck on that exciting subject, called Viborg, mainly because after Viborg 2, the author became tired of writing blogs. It seems as if the ultimate trip was in Viborg, which meant that everything else tended to pale in comparison next to it.

I’ve decided to make a yearly pilgrimage to Viborg in order to experience it for myself! We might just make it a sort of group hug, inviting others, who also have fallen in love with Viborg 1 and 2, and just can’t get enough of that Danish Town!

I’ll have to admit, that the blog does continue to the city of Aarhus, but I still remember when it stopped at Viborg 2, and wouldn’t/couldn’t continue!

If you are one of the oldies, like me, who refuse to journey onward after Viborg, then let me know in the comment section! I’ve started an informal petition to re-create her visit as a sort of homage to the town, with a guided tour in Danish, English and the local dialect, Viborgian.

Rejoice together with me!

Sincerely….a humble Aalborgenser…..(resident of Aalborg).



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