Her Summer Starry Night

“Let’s go out tonight, just you and me?”She was always the first to suggest something like that, beating me to the punch as it were.

“The movies?, Dinner? With dancing?, Wouldn’t you like to trip the light fantastic?”

She refrained from answering, but told me that it was a surprise, with a blindfold on my eyes, and mums the word!

I wondered if I was going to be tied to the bed later on? Like the time that she did something similar, but then just invited her friends over to show them the funny patterns that the freckles made on my back. They spend hours discussing what they meant, and after they had gone home, she fell asleep on the sofa, leaving me tied and blindfolded on the bed. Let me tell you, it was a night that I’ll never forget!

“No, no, no. That was a different kind of blindfold night, you silly. This time will be different.”

I wanted to believe her, I did, but with an ironclad memory of the times that she’s said something like that still rolling around in my thoughts, then I was a bit hesitant, to say the least.

Finally, I agreed, and felt her warm hands tying the blindfold on my eyes, and twirling me around a few times, to make the moment more interesting. I held out my hand, but didn’t seem to find hers in return. “Where are you now?” which seemed like the right thing to ask, but I didn’t get any answers. I started to walk, still having the blindfold on my eyes, when I hit the door with my head. “Ouch!” I cried, but still didn’t hear anything from my most significant other?

I finally managed to make it to what I thought was the front door, and open it feeling the night air on my throbbing face. “Hello!” said again, but I might as well have been talking to the chickens, for the response, that I was getting.

“Hello Chickens, how are you today. What? Clucking troubles? I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, if chickens had shoes, that is. Yes, I do agree that grain prices have been on the rise, but never fear, there always is another way around having to eat every day. What?

“Honestly”, she said suddenly. “If I thought that you desired the Chicken Life, then I would have led you into the Chicken Coop years ago! If you are done with your kinky chicken talk, then it is time for the night’s surprise!”

I tried to reach out for her hand, but was met with the same sort of nothing as before. “Hey, Where are you anyway?”

I tried to peek under the blindfold, but was met by a sudden slap of my fingers and a “Shhh”, immediately afterwards. “Now it’s time to turn you around again, just for good measure.” And with that she turned me around a few more times, then she told me to go straight ahead, then to lift my leg in order to not trip on the large tree root.

“There you go. Good boy! Now I’ve prepared a blanket on the ground for us to sit on. Down you go!”

Funny, but it didn’t feel like we were outside anymore. I could have sworn that we sat in the Living Room, but I wasn’t at all certain. “Aren’t we? I began to ask, but she replied” Of course, we are not!”

“I’ve decided to share my favorite constellations with you on this Summer Night. The first and my most favorite, is Orion!”

“Wait a minute”, I said with that statement. “Orion is a Winter Constellation. It is not visible in the Summer months!”

“Yes, it is.” She said. “If you are in the Southern Hemisphere.”

“But we are in the Northern. The last time I looked anyway!”

“It is the Southern Hemisphere, if I say so”, she said with such confidence, that I resigned myself to that fact and tried to think Southern Hemisphere thoughts.

“The next, is my most favorite star, seen directly overhead, Polaris –  The North Star!”

“Wait a minute. If we are in the Southern Hemisphere, then Polaris, the North Star might be visible, but it would be farther down towards the horizon. You have gotten things mixed up!”

She shook her head in dismay. That’s what she told me anyway, as I still couldn’t see my three thumbs in front of my face, but I needed to accept her Star Stories, as well as her dismay.

“Oh”, she said suddenly and complained about the stick, or rock that was under the blanket, giving her discomfort. “Let’s go inside now, I’m feeling a bit chilly out here in the night air!”

I didn’t want to say that I doubted her, but it was not chilly at all. It was rather pleasant, and the hum of the outside refrigerator seemed familiar to me, as if it was imitating the inside one?

“Let’s see what we have here?” She began to take off my blindfold, while we appeared to be inside the house, but then nothing was certain anymore.

“Wasn’t that a good surprise?”

I looked around the house, and wondered if we had been in here the whole time, or if I stepped out the front door, I’d be greeting Africa, or South America, being in their Hemisphere.

“Hola”. I said with much conviction. “¿Que Tal?”

“Ooh”. she replied. “Muy bien, gracias”

And with that greeting, we managed to spend the rest of the night in the Southern Hemisphere, speaking Spanish to each other, in the arms of our fiery Latin Lovers…….



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