Summer and Camels

“What is your favorite Summer Animal?”, she asked this fine Summer Day.

I’d have to admit never having thought about that question before. An animal was neither, nor. Neither Summer nor Winter. They just were, regardless of how we wanted them to be.

“You are not cooperating again”, she said while acting a bit frustrated at my lack of Summer Animal Intuitiveness. “You might be suffering from Vitamin Deficiency, not having enough A-vitamins in your system! Have you been getting enough Green, Leafy Vegetables lately?”

A-vitamins don’t have anything to do with Animals. At least, I didn’t think they did? Sometimes she tended to confuse me, making statements that defied the imagination, but enticing me all the same. All right. For Peace of Mind and Soul, I’d play along with that idea: Summer Animals!

“I was thinking Camels”, she said while spreading sand about the living room. “Camels like the sand, drifting and swaying. Blazing sun and Pyramids. Camels don’t spit and tell, you know. They guard their secrets well, most likely taking the truth to the grave with them, if they truly died that is, which I doubt.”

She was way around the bend on this one. I started thinking of the River Styx, with Camels transporting me across, after having brought the wrath of the Gods upon me. The Camel would remain on the other side, looking majestic in its capacity to ferry the lost and the damned, but suffering nothing itself.

“What about your Animal?”, she said. “Have you given it some thought, casting aside all of your Silly Ideas about Squirrels and Wildebeests, concentrating on the pure, the ethereal, the Ultimate Animal of Summerness?!”

Actually, I hadn’t. I had resigned myself to choosing the lesser of all Animals, just wanting this discussion to have an end, with her getting her way like she usually did! I honestly was at a loss for want of a name, that would satisfy her Summer Animal Needs, as it were.

I would have said Unicorn, which actually would have fit in a lot of our discussions, but I really didn’t feel that it fit the bill, this time.

“The Qilin. That is my ultimate Animal of Summer!”, said knowing that it would peak her interest more than my first choice of Wildebeest.

“Oh”, she said without hesitation.. “I can see you are challenging my Camel with your Qilin, but I am not sure of its Summer qualities!”

“It is a Unicorn in the Western way of thinking”, said knowing of her tastes in the Oriental Way of Thinking. “It is a deer, or a horse, with Giraffe undertones. It is the epitome of Summer Animals. Many Animals rolled into one. Summer and Winter. Changing and Protecting. Not the Dragon, nor the Phoenix, but important all the same.”

“This is not a contest between the Camel and the Qilin. This is between Good and Evil. Between Night and Day, or Summer and Winter.”

She just stared at me, while I ranted and raved. This time I had her, exactly where I wanted her, caught between the known fantasy and the unknown.

She dug her toes deeper into the warm, sandy desert floor. “Shall we go riding today?”, she started to ask. “I on my Camel, and you on your Qilin? Shall it be in the desert  heat, or along the waters of the River Styx?” Her robes flowing in the desert breezes.

“I think, we should walk them a bit, letting them get used to how we are, before we make demands of them, leading us into battle and the like.”

Can you imagine me, she asked while considering the best side of my Animal to hop upon, “lying on the back of your Qilin, wearing nothing but a smile, with a handful of sand?…..”

The Camel suddenly spat out a date, causing the mirror to shatter, covering the sands with its shards.

“7 Years of Bad Luck”, I said, while she just melted into the Qilin. “Not a good Omen, if you ask me?”

Two Bodies.One Soul.

“Time enough for 2 Summer Animals to get it right, or die in the throes of passion while trying…..”