Kamloops. Atlas page 25.

I’m taking a trip in September, and after the initial purchasing of tickets and so on, the next thing will be my itinerary.

I’ve chosen Kamloops, as it does lie in Canada, and in the Western part as well. The location is important, when my guest arrives, and joins me for my vacation. I considered traveling to Duberger, but discarded the idea due to inhospitable conditions, and restless natives.

I pulled out the old Atlas, and began to look for Canada. Wow! What a country! It was spread over several maps which made me wonder how far it was from map to map. My son entered the room at that stage of my planning, and asked what I was doing? “Planning and dreaming, of course.”

He looked at the map, just before he took his I-phone out of his pocket, and showed me the screen. “Canada. Google Maps. Deal with it!”

I wasn’t sure, but Canada didn’t seem as big as before, as if fit on that little screen with colors and everything. I began to think that I could drive from west to east, and back again, before Apple decided to update his software! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my own cellphone, but I’m sure if all else fails, then he could ring to my number, if there still is some battery power left, that is!

I considered driving over from the Rental Agency at the airport , and picking up my friend in Montréal, then cruising back to Kamloops, using a nice long day to do so.

My son thumbed through the world on his cellphone. “Uh, I think you should allow more than one, long day for that trip. It says here, it is over 4000 kilometers!”

That couldn’t be right? I pulled out the old Atlas again, and let my finger run along Highway 1, and….”Dad. Look here. If you use Google Maps and type in your destination, you could find the best way, or shortest way, or whatever.”Stopping to adjust the sound on his Walkman, or whatever they call it these days?

I felt that this latest development meant, that I should call my friend, and tell her of the distance from Eastern Canada to Western Canada, and that she should travel to Kamloops herself, or we would never see each other during my vacation.

I still couldn’t find my cellphone, when my son told me to call her on Skype. My cellphone was called Hawaii, or Haiwai, but not Skype. “Skype, saying while chewing gum and chatting, is on the Internet. It won’t cost you, or your friend anything.” Laughing suddenly, when having read a response on Facebook.

I went into the other room and fired up the old stationary PC. Hmm. Install Windows 10? Now? Nope. I just wanted to go on the ‘Net and get my info. Updates? No, not right now. Java out of Date? Do I need Java to go on Skype? Do they know each other? Are they on speaking terms?

I thought, it would be easier on my wife’s I-pad. Where was that puppy? Oh yeah, in with my daughter. It’s amazing how much underwear, one girl can own? I found it at last, and looked for the on-button. I haven’t used it much, but then how hard could it be? Password? I didn’t know that one. Forget it!

The day was starting to get old, without me getting very far in my trip planning. I closed the old Atlas. I hope, I’ll have enough room with my carry on baggage, in order to peruse it on the plane?

I decided to use the last few minutes of my day to look through my airplane reservations. “Wi-fi on board, electrical plug, movies on demand”. Such a lot of silly things that occupy people today! If they just took a book, and used their imagination, then they wouldn’t need so much else, worrying about running out of battery, before the next song was over.

I hope, I’ll get to see my friend from Montréal! I’ll be sure to tell her in my next letter, which I need to send tomorrow at the Good Old Post Office, about how far it is from Montréal to Kamloops, if she didn’t notice it herself in her own Atlas?

Maps are funny like that…..