Handy Cooking Tip – Lentil Chili

Lentil Chili is unforgiving.

When heating oil, ignore WordPress.

House filled with smoke.

Burned pot.

Start again.

Open all windows and doors.

Front and back door to create cross breeze.

Watch for possible Dog Escape.

Turn down heat on stove, when writing this blog

Lentil Chili is unforgiving

-Where did that dog go?

***Lentils are not for Wusses!***


Author: notthedane56

I am not the important one here. I'm pretty sure who is, but that doesn't always seem prudent to tell about in my "About Me" box. If in doubt, then read a few blogs, add 5+7, then subtract a largish Country to the north of the USA. Answer forthcoming in my next "About Me" box, or not.

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