Friends, Not Forgotten

I’ve been spending some time, musing over the power of Facebook and what it means in our lives.

I feel that Facebook is, to some degree, rather aggressive in its tactics to involve itself in our lives. It seems as if it asks me, with regular intervals to reveal even more of my personal life, even though I am hesitant about doing just that.

It has though brought me back to my past, and the people and things that I did when I was a young man growing up in Botswana. Having lived in Europe this many years, I have tended to forget my years studying at the University in Botswana, and my best friend from that time in my life.

Facebook might be many things, but it is not infallible. It seems that my best friend from that time in my life, is not able to be found using Facebook’s many techniques for bringing people together. I could of course assume the worst, but it might just be as simple as my friend is not the Facebook type, and has decided not to follow along with the rest of the world.

A number of my current colleagues at work have requested me as a friend, but I adhere to a strict policy of separating my personal life, from my private life. I have also refrained from adding my workplace to my Facebook profile, but after many tries, being reminded to do so, I have now jumped on the Bandwagon, and have revealed my past to my friends and family.

My current job is beyond my wildest imagination, which shows how far you can come in life, if you just put your dreams on-line, and expand your thoughts to encompass the wildest possibilities. My past contacts with Botswana have also crept into some of my blogs and rest assured that you will be hearing more of Gaberone, in my coming posts.

I hope that you too will remember the people in your past, and hope that they will become some of your most cherished friends as well on Facebook. I still hold onto the hope that my good friend, will come forth someday, and we can share some of the good times, we had with each other during the 20 most happy years of my life, while studying at the University!

I only hope that he managed to graduate, which would warm the cockles of my heart, knowing that one of us has a diploma from Limkokwing University hanging on their wall.

My family and friends will indeed be surprised, when my past life is finally revealed, showing them that dreams can come true, if they only allow their imagination run away with them, as I have!

Remember to let your thoughts take you to the farthest reaches on this planet, showing that there are no limits to where we go, or what we can do, if we really want them badly enough!

Friends search

Regardless of the outcome, I still will be keeping a special place in my heart for my old friend, Mbongo Ponopongo, where ever he might be at this point in time.

I miss you greatly, old friend……


Goosefoot Anyone?

I’ve been on a weed kick again this week. No, not the kind that you smoke, but the kind that grows everywhere, where you don’t want it to.

I guess, that still might confuse some people. What weed exactly am I talking about?:

Figenbladet Gåsefod fugleognaturdk


This is a Goosefoot, Danish version. Chenopodium ficifolium

This is not a Botany Blog, but it might turn into that, if I fell off the fantasy blog wagon, and started doing real life things!

No, this has been in my lunchbox during the last few days. Stir-fried with a bit of Olive Oil and perhaps some onions, and a pinch of salt, then I have a nice, cheap alternative to Spinach.

If you don’t like wrinkled noses and OMG comments, then either don’t tell others what you are eating, or take a stand and say, “I’m proud to be eating weeds!”.

I don’t get much flak, as I am known as one who makes and eats Burning Nettle Soup, and for reading Harry Potter Books in German, so most of my co-workers have accepted my idiosyncrasies, as one of the things that make me, me.

So, take your Internet pages in hand (I would have a book) and look up what might be edible in your neck of the woods.

Remember to go after taste, otherwise you might be labelled as a fanatic, who only eats weeds to gain attention to themselves, and not for their culinary excellence!

Bon Appétit!


Who Done It? A Summer Mystery – Part 2

“Colonel Mustard, are you who you say you are?”

“Such an outrageous question. Of course I am, who I say I am.”

The lovely Miss Scarlett, and I were enjoying a quiet moment in the Conservatory.  “Why have you referred to me as Miss Scarlett with two Ts”, she said while wrapping her long legs around me.

“It makes you more exciting”, I said as I cleaned my Elephant Gun then sighted down the barrel, as if the prey was in the sights. “Click” said the gun, without firing a shot. “Got you you Blighter!” Then re-cocking the trigger for the killing shot.

“Shouldn’t you let the poor beast live?” Miss Scarlett asked, while shedding a tear at the loss of such a magnificent beast.

“Could be, I said, while wiping the sweat from my brow. “There are always more where that one came from!”

Dr Black chose that moment to enter the room, waxing his fake mustache, a habit that he never seemed to lose, even though it caused him a great deal of difficulty when dealing with the police.

“I saw her today”, he said while tossing a careless gaze over towards Miss Scarlett,” you know who?”

I tried to ignore him, and tried to tell Miss Scarlett that there wasn’t anyone but her. Not now, and definitely not before.

“She needs to see you, it is urgen”t, his wandering gaze following her legs from toe to tip, wherever they might take me, he thought to himself. If only, he were alone with her with me being out of the way, then…

His words did indeed seem urgent, but I doubted his intentions for being the lackey, the Messenger Boy for someone like her. “What did she promise you?”, I asked him directly, not wanting to beat around the bush, my hands grasping and ungrasping the lead pipe behind my back, waiting for a sudden slip of the truth, or the smell of her perfume on his jacket, or the faint imprint of red lipstick on his collar.

“Did you see her? Are you certain it was her?” I asked a bit more rough this time, pinning him to the Ficus Elastica, noticing how his breath was forced out of his lungs, reducing his answer to a mere gasp, “She sat in the Rolls. Her face was covered, but I am sure it was her….She left something for you….A Letter.”

I let him go, forcing him to collapse in a heap on the Persian Rug.

“That is a better fate, than you ever gave your patients, Old Snake in the Grass!”

He didn’t move, fearing my wrath, and disgust at his mere presence. He drew an envelope out of his pocket, making sure that it resembled the real thing, placing the final details with his quill pen, and sealing it with her wax seal. MP for Miss Peach, in orange wax of course. He handed it up to me, thus collapsing once again, disappearing as it were through the trap door, to points unknown.

“Who is she?”, Miss Scarlett asked,  while biting me on the left earlobe. Her voice reduced to a bare whisper, “Take me now, instead of meeting her”. Her sultry breath, her body close to mine, the lead pipe behind my back and a cigarette burning close enough to think that it was mine, if I smoked that is!

“I need to meet her”, I said, while  forcing my gaze upon her, undressing her in my mind, my hands over her body, her high-heeled shoes dangling over the table.

“Oh”, she said taken aback. “I didn’t know you were so forceful”, showing her hand, Full House, Aces and Spades. “I guess, I should hike up my dress a bit more, farther than any red-blood American Man could take.”

It’s a good thing, I was British, or else I might succumb to the combination of her red dress and her killing stare. It’s done others in, I’m sure, but we all have bodies buried in the basement, don’t we?

“I’ll be back later”, I told her and walked confidently out of the room, hoping that she would stop me from going, using her femme fatale, way of  persuasion. “Kick and Kiss me honey”, I said and left the room heading towards the Dining Room.

I feared poisoning was on today’s menu. “Soup du Aconite” with Amanita Muscaria as hors-d‘oeuvres, The Deadly Fly Agaric, when nothing better will do!

She sent someone else to serve the meal, Mrs White, in her best impression as maid, servant, and seductress, when all else failed to work.

“Colonel Mustard, what a delight it is to see you again”, I reached out to kiss her hand, but noticed a reddish look beginning to grow in intensity as she approached me. “Cyanide, anyone?” That is the question I could have asked her, but suddenly she began to suffer from shortness of breath then seizures, finally collapsing into a coma.

Dr Black might have been called in other instances, but he might as well have been the one who administered the deadly blow to an otherwise harmless old bat!

I then heard movement in the next room, prompting me to look through the keyhole, hoping against hope to catch a look, of my former love, caught in the act of seducing my best friend, subjecting him to the same tortures, she inflicted upon me, and I loved her for that, dear God. Oh how I loved her for that!

I started to turn the doorknob, and pressed the door inwards, hoping to catch her off guard. I had turned off the lights in the Dining Room in order to give myself an additional edge, in order to gain the upper hand, before she did. The room appeared as dark as my own, allowing for just a crack of light appearing under the door leading to the Hall.

I struck a match, fully expecting the flame to be shot out from under me, throwing me lifeless on the floor, dying in a bloodbath of ecstasy,  hoping to see her at least once more, before I met my maker!

The room was deathly still. I listened intently for her breathing and imagined her breasts heaving and sighing in the darkness. “Do you trust me?”, she once asked me, which seemed like an odd thing to say, with her knowing how I felt, and how I still do…I still do.

“So, you’ve come! I had hoped for as much, but you never know with Great White Hunters. Seeing you there, in Africa brandishing your Elephant Gun, blowing away the other Suitors of your love affairs gone wrong. Justifying it in the courts, as others that had sullied the name of Mustard, taking lover after lover, until your needs were satisfied, then casting those poor women aside as yesterday’s news.  And I, what of I? Am I just another conquest?  A trophy on your mantelpiece, which has lost the favor of your company. An old rag that you’ve wiped that nasty grin off your face with, then tossed it in the dustbin to be burned along with the rest of the garbage. Am I that person to you?”

I sensed, that she wasn’t as happy to see me, as I her! I had the Gun, in case….But she was wielding the Rope, and used it without questioning, without warning.

“If I tied your hands, would it make my intentions clear to you?” she asked me, just without warning, or my accept before I found myself bound and attentive to her words, and to her needs. “If I said that I have missed you so dearly that tramping on the others who have been poisoned, stabbed and bludgeoned, meant nothing to me, as long as you held me in your arms once again.”

Being bound and gagged, I felt that I was the perfect compliment to her words and questions, not being able to interject my anger, or question our existence together! I felt that this could work, for the both of us, as long as she didn’t feel like my lifeless body, dangling from the ceiling, while sipping a glass of Revenge Whiskey, that sounded like a better thing altogether!

Suddenly the lights went out, plunging us into darkness. A flash of lightning outside the window, accentuated her face, bathed in the fiery waters of revenge, raising her hand up with the knife that had done in so many former lovers, its tip glistening in the lightning light, falling downwards with a Shriek, the final Death Knell, when all hope is lost, and the end is near….

When the lights returned , I was greeted by the sight of Miss Scarlett, standing over the lifeless body of Miss Peach, dagger in her hand, glistening with blood, still dripping from its serrated edge. “You’ll thank me for that one someday”, she said, while slicing the knife blade up Miss Peach’s corset, revealing the less than sleek form of a woman that I once knew, back when she was alive, that is!

“You see? She wasn’t the woman, she said she was. Not sleek and elegant, not quick to forgive and forget, and definitely not someone for the likes of you!”

I was seeing Red, not in anger mind you, but Red all the same.

“Is that your Elephant Gun in your trousers, or are you just happy to see me?” She said while her long fingers danced about my face, like knives close enough to cut, or finger tips ready to caress.

I had quickly forgotten about any past loves, at least while Miss Scarlett was in my life. If anymore of them did manage to turn up, then she probably would still be in my life.

Oh, how I hate explaining to the police, where all these bodies have come from….



At the Movies – Chapter 16

There we were standing outside of the cinema, looking at the movies available to be seen on this Saturday afternoon. Mom would have made our decision for us, excluding the violent, the scary and the overly sexy movies, without ever asking us what we wanted to see. Dad suggested that we toss a coin, or perhaps it were better that we saw the movie that we liked, while he saw something that he liked. Things seemed to be getting better, and worse all the time. I admit to liking the thought of being together with the Girl Next Door all alone in the dark, but it was scary at the same time! I knew somewhat how her mind worked in the light, but not as much how it worked in the dark. Sometimes it is better, leaving well enough alone.

I figured that she’d probably want to see some Love Story and all that gushy stuff, but she didn’t care for that sort of thing.

It’s kind of like that song, I’ll Never Fall in Love Again:

What do you get when you kiss a guy?
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia ** and between you and me brother, that seems to be more trouble than it’s worth!

I’ll admit to being a bit worried about being in the dark with her, but to hear her last words about love being so much trouble, didn’t exactly make my day seem any better.

Dad had chosen some adult film called “Clockwork Orange” which sounded like some sort of highbrow thing, that probably would bomb terribly, and disappear quickly from sight! We decided to see Escape from the Planet of the Apes which seemed like a nice compromise between what Dad was watching, or waiting to catch pneumonia from kissing some girl.

We discussed where to sit, but couldn’t quite agree with each other. I said that the sound was better in the front row, but she wanted the whole picture, and chose the very last seat in the theater. Dad had given me some money for candy, popcorn and sodas, so I excused myself (which my mother said I should do in the company of others) and made my way to the snack bar, before the picture started. When I returned to our places, the movie had started making things difficult with balancing the sodas and popcorn, and not having my feet stick to the floor, where others had been more unlucky with their sodas. It was also dark which made my eyes not be able to find the seats at first, but finally sat down next to….Hey. Where has she gotten to?

I thought when the movie started, she would have been there, but maybe she had to go to the ladies room, or something? The movie started with the usual Apes vs Man theme, but that didn’t seem to be important, as my friend still didn’t come back to our places. I decided to place our popcorn on the seats, and go back out into the waiting area to find my friend. It was pretty empty now, with just the sound of the popcorn machine, and the ice-maker humming in the background. I went over to my Father’s theater, but didn’t see her anywhere around, even trying to look inside to catch a glimpse of her. No Luck there.

The next theater was showing some gushy love movie, so I took a chance and waited near the entrance, until my eyes got used to the darkness. It didn’t seem to be that many people who had Love on their minds on that Saturday afternoon, but I did see one lone figure sitting in the front row, eyes glued to the screen. I casually sauntered over to her and sat down next to her. She didn’t seem to notice me being there, so I just waited patiently and tried to get into the movie at hand. There was some sort of couple who were in love and all that stuff, but she got Cancer and was in the hospital. Her mother was some sort of a crazy wacko, who made her life difficult, even though she had cancer and her husband was fooling around with her best friend!

I wondered if those Apes had decided to eat our popcorn and drink our sodas, having put their feet up on the seats in front of us, making monkey sounds and laughing while Chuck Heston yelled at the Statue of Liberty on the beach at the end of the movie. Roddy McDowell and Kim Hunter were in their monkey suits, which probably was a pretty warm thing to do, but they got hosed down in their cages, before one of them said something in English, and the humans got all panicky, and decided to end the movie in order to make another sequel.

As I sat there and worried about our candy and popcorn being eaten by strangers, my friend leaned her head upon my shoulder and placed her hand upon mine. I don’t know, but I could have been anyone right then and there, so I hoped she knew it was me, or maybe she did that kind of thing every Saturday at the movies? I leaned my head towards hers, and there we were together, watching some movie about love and all that stuff, in the dark, sitting closer than I had ever sat next to a girl in my whole life, and you know what? It wasn’t as bad, as I had imagined it to be!

The movie plot went from bad to worse with the girl’s mother getting lucky with the fellow next door, while her daughter wasted away in the hospital. Her husband had gotten kicked out by her best friend, who told him to take a hike, or a leap at a rolling donut, which made me see why that movie had gotten an “R” rating for language and suggestive behavior. My mother would have made me leave immediately and probably would have me showing up at our church, to do community service, but the reverend was not there being it Saturday, and he was probably in seeing Clockwork Orange, or The Nun’s Story, or whatever movies those kind of people like to see? I was happy that my mother was at least 200 miles away at that moment, and my father was close by, but far enough away to not discover what his son and his little friend were doing at that moment!

My friend sighed a quiet sigh, then turned toward me and looked me in the eyes. “What are you doing touching my hand, and head like that! I ought to call an usher right now! Have you lost your mind, or something? I thought you’d be in with your Ape-movie! You men are all the same: Leaving your wife, when she has cancer, then wanting to come back and get friendly with her again! I’m not that kind of a girl!!!”

I was already on my way out of the door of her theater, and on my way back to my own. Somebody had eaten half of the popcorn, and had spilled one of the drinks on the floor, making things even more sticky than when I came in. I managed to come back, when the credits were rolling down the screen, just before the lights were turned on once again. I thought of going back to my friend, but was shown out to the exit by a flashlight waving usher, looking very mean and determined to stop people from sneaking back into the theater in order to seen another film for free.

I waited outside still sipping on my soda, when my father happened on by. “Whew, that was one crazy film! Your mother would have walked out, even before the titles were done in the beginning of the movie. How did it go with you two? Where has your little friend gotten to?”

Yes. Where had she gotten to? We walked towards the car, talking about what we had seen, but were surprised to see my friend waiting for us next to the car as we arrived. “My, oh my. What do we have here? Two handsome and gallant men out on a lark this fine Saturday afternoon!”

My father was smiles from ear to ear at her comment. He looked at me, as if to say how lucky I was to have such a nice friend as her, while I was wondering when she would be asking my father to stop by the police station on the way home, in order to report me to the proper authorities for assault and battery! She didn’t say anything of the kind on the way home, but thanked my father more than once for his generosity and thoughtfulness at inviting her along with us.

When we got back home again, my father said that “We should do this again sometime” then disappeared into the house, leaving us alone on the street once again.

“Listen here you Ninny” she started to say, as I considered going inside once again where I felt it was a safer place to be. “I got a bit carried away at the cinema, OK? Nothing to worry about. If you don’t mention it again, then neither will I?” I just nodded and agreed without saying that much. I thought things were going in the right direction between us, but when she lost her nut in the theater, I started to doubt my relationship possibilities with her all over again!

“It’s complicated, you know?” she said as she headed toward her house. “I wouldn’t have had a better time with anyone else but you, and I’m glad that we shared a special moment with each other today!”

I agree. It was a special moment together. She still confused the heck out of me, and I didn’t know if I was coming or going, but I guess that some things seem more trouble than they are worth.

Like love and all that stuff…..

** I’ll Never Fall in Love Again. Burt Bacharach/Hal David


The Cancellation of Summer – Travels Part 3

I wondered if she knew just who she was, or more importantly, who I was?

It seemed like each day brought new things, and each night brought us together, but with the sunrise at the new day’s dawn, we were strangers once again.

“Who are you?”, she chanced to say, while we still shared the last moments of the Summer Night. “Why are you here with me? Are you staying or going now?”

“My Summer had been cancelled”, I explained once again. The same explanation, at the same time on each new day, to the same person. Not being angry at who I was, just wondering why, we were traveling together?

“Consider me to be a chance companion on the road. We met and we are traveling together, no more, no less”, though I was lying. I was lying, because I still remember the night before, and the scent of her perfume on my skin. I was lying not only to myself, but her as well, for I feared that she would leave me alone during this Summer, not having any direction, nor companionship to share life’s small moments with.

“Where are you going today?” She asked me rather nonchalantly, as if I were the Engineer, “All Aboard” the conductor would say, motioning the lack of guests onto the train, staring his empty stare at the rows of seats, empty seats filled with non-paying passengers.

“I thought of taking a trip, somewhere.” Something that I said in a sort of way which would suggest a destination, without having one. “We could travel there together”, said not necessarily to her, but to her as well, if she chose not to travel with me.

“I’ll consider your invitation”, she said, “but I might just have other plans as well.” She turned away as if she were heading in the direction of her destination.

“Can I come with you?” I asked, not in a pleading way, but in one that suggested that we should travel together.

“Oh, Are you also traveling somewhere today?”

I thought this line of questioning was getting us no closer to finding out, who the real murderer was. She was toying with me, but I liked it. “Have I ever showed you my knife?”, she asked while I looked for another cigarette, even though I never had smoked before. She hiked up her skirt and showed me her holster, sporting a thin stiletto. “Only in case of emergency”, she hastened to say, but how many emergencies did come, remained between her and herself.

Did she really kill him? I doubted it, but then I had fallen for her unmercifully and unabashed. I had jeopardized the case, by doing so, but her eyes told me that I wanted her, no matter what.

“Take me for a ride”, she said in that way which made me melt onto the floor. Stepping daintily over the puddle on the floor, she looked out of the window to the street. “My convertible is still parked at the curb. Tank filled with gas, and a woman ready to go all the way! What do you say to that, Big Boy?” I pulled myself together, and dusted off the odd piece of wax or two, before sweeping her off her feet, and passing through the waiting window to the street below.

“I’ll drive”, she said while twirling her keys in the air, looking for the right one to use.

“The wrong one will take us farther”, I said without hesitation, but with a doubt if she would indeed go that far?

“He loves me, he loves me not”. She sat on the front seat, her legs draped over the side of the car, tossing the odd key away, as if they were petals on a Summer Flower, blowing away in the wind. “He might have loved me, just before I shot him. He might have been the one, but my knife knew no mercy.”

“Save me,” he cried. “Don’t do the deed!”

Was she confessing to the perfect crime, or just toying with me again? She chose the key with the leopard’s head, and placed it in the ignition. The motor roared as if it were on the Serengeti, chasing antelopes in their final death knell. “Hop in before they catch us, alone and unarmed, waiting to sink their teeth into us.” She just stood there, looking out across the African Skies. It looked like rain, somewhere. Just not here, not today.

“I love seeing the wind in your hair”, said while we raced along the Endless Plains, as said in the Maa, in the Maasai. “Africa was a good choice for today”, said while thumbing through my travel brochures, tossing them onto the back seat, but turning into Mosquitoes instead. “Why did you do that?” she cried, while getting stung a place or two, having to scratch an itch, which had been bothering her since we met, almost losing control of the jeep while doing so. “Have you ever done it in Africa before?” I assumed that “it” would become known to me, while we raced across the patterns and undulations of the grassy plains. She released the wheel and let the jeep flow along with the current, heading towards the falls, The thundering falls.

“Should we pretend that we are in a barrel going over Ndoro Waterfall?”, said while gazing into the bluest of my eyes? “I can see an ocean in there”, she remarked while the car was spinning out of control, the current tearing trees and rocks from the shore, adding to the chaos and mayhem of the boiling river. “I can see an ocean of possibilities, when traveling with you”, she said to me, in a rather unabashed way, throwing caution to the winds and kissing me….The vehicle swerved from side to side, as if the road had lost control of the situation.

I took control, and held her in my arms, stemming the tide of confusion, the jeep rolling to a stop in front of my office once again. “Did you do it dearest?”, I asked while running my fingers through her hair, sifting out the trees and rocks that had entangled themselves in the waves.”Did you really kill him?”

She turned away as if to confess to no one, she whispered something, which made me want to hear something else, and not what she wanted to say. “I loved traveling with you today,” I imagined her saying. “I loved seeing the blue in your eyes, I could love an ocean with you”, which must have been the words she had been whispering, the words that I did so want to hear.

Not Guilty. How could it be otherwise? I believed her as she gazed into my eyes..

I could love an ocean with you……



Mid Summer. 23 June 2016 Denmark

Today is known in Denmark as Sankt Hans Aften, or Mid Summer to the rest of the world.

The celebration which marks the Summer Equinox in Denmark, at least close to that day, in any case.

Here is a Wiki-link for all of you, who aren’t familiar with this day:

Here is the bonfire in various stages:

sankt hans bål før

Before the burnable pile is moved into position, 2 days ago.


Now the witch is getting a bit warm.


She’s heading for a fall.


The party at a distance.


Smoke clouds over Denmark.


Young people playing with the fire.

vi elsker vort land

Here are the words to the song, which is sung every year. In Danish of course.

Here is a partial translation:

We love our land
When it signals Christmas time
Light up the stars in the tree
With a twinkle in each eye
When springtime is about
Every bird over field and down by beach
Let your voice greet us with warbles
“We sing your laws over our ways
We sound your name when our harvest is freed”
But the most beautiful wreath becomes your, Saint hans
It is the start of summers heart so warm, so glad
But the most beautiful wreath will therefore be yours

We love our land
Our midsummer most
When each cloud over the field sends a blessing
When the flowers are in bloom
And the cattle go in from pasture


If you are interested in how the melody sounds, then here is a link for you:

You do need to remember that it is from 1885, and might not fit into everyone’s idea of a “hit” song by today’s standards, but it has become a tradition in Denmark, rain or shine every year at the same time.

It has rained all day in Northern Jutland. Here is the weather map at 5:10pm, just 3 hours before our local bonfire was to begin in Aalborg.
regn 1710

Then just before the main event, the rains stopped.

Here is the view at 9:10 pm.

vejr 2110

Everyone was happy to be able to enjoy the evening, together with family and friends.

And Coco the dog enjoyed being out as well…..

coco sankt hans

Happy Midsommer fra Danmark!


Sometimes, Lentils are not enough…

I never thought I’d be telling anyone, that Lentils were not enough.

Oh, I must say that I’ve reveled in Chickpeas, especially when they are popping while swimming in their nighttime water, but Garbanzos might just disagree with that?

I went the way of Soybeans, which was the farthest journey I took inside of Bean Lore. I boiled them and tried my hand at Tofu, Edamame wanted me to call it, but I resisted and chose frozen Soybeans instead! Others around me wouldn’t understand technical terms, and I was afraid of losing more converts, if I didn’t take heed of their ignorance, as it were.

My cupboards bulged with Beans, Legumes and other dried kernels of protein. I was tempted by the Vegan Side, but was beaten back once again by my meat-loving family and threats of bean banishment, if I didn’t conform to the others’ Non Vegan Ways. I started to plan my own meals, while still preparing the mainstream, hamburgers and hot dogs, and the like. Hypocrite some might call me, but it was the way to the means of Bean Independence, sly though it might have seemed to others.

My Lentil Friends felt as if I had forgotten about them. I was not stoic to their needs and wants, alas. I just heard another calling, while they still existed in my sub-conscious, waiting for their time to come again.

Chilies and Curries danced around me, like a mad protein dream, clutching at my sleeping memories and not letting me awake. I murmured their names, Lentil Chili, Lentil Curry, Lentil Soups, Lentils……

How many times have I awoken, bathed in sweat, wondering how long my Non Lentil Dreams had been soaking in anticipation of the final boil?

Have you heard them? Have you heard them boiling on the stove?

The Lentils just laughed and said, “Remember the shortness of our boil!” “Remember lest you forget!”

I’ve been here before, on the Lentil Doorstep. They’ve always taken me back before, all of those times that I’ve fallen by the Bean Wayside. Tempted by the other, flashier Pintos and Long Beans, the tiny Chias and the arrogant Amaranths. How I was tempted by their claims of Vegan Heaven, and Protein Dreams.

How weak they, my Lentil Friends, must consider me, one of their former stalwart allies. One who only professed a beauty and admiration of their otherwise nondescript forms, and has held their place in the cupboard to be one of honor and respect.

I only hope, I can once again touch the hem of their garments, and rise up to the level of Lentil Greatness, once again.

I can only hope……