I hope you are open to positive criticism, because I feel that you need some right now?

The outcome of this blog will determine who you will be to other people, and most importantly, who you will be to me.

When I didn’t know you, you were just you, and I was just me. Things being in equilibrium was actually the best for the both of us, but they didn’t “unfortunately” stay that way.

As time went on, we got to know more about each other, which changes things, as you know. I tried my best to remain true to myself, but I’m afraid that you didn’t work as hard as me in that respect.

You were actually becoming someone, who I learned a great deal about, which made me think more of you each and every day. You might not have noticed how much restraint, I showed, which should have told you to do the same.

Our knowing each other, began to be troublesome. I couldn’t go through each day, without speculating about you, wanting to be with you, and changing my life for you. You can see now, how you were not just being you for you anymore, and were becoming something more for me.

I feel that I have learned through this process, and the most important thing for me, is to remain true to myself.

I only wish that you kept your end of the bargain. If you had stopped being the person that you are, and took a good long look at the effect, you have on others, then we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

If you really want to change, and not be someone special to others in the future, then you need to take into account the following things:

  • being witty and intelligent
  • being fun to be with
  • being a warm and loving person

I think, if you are able to overcome these shortcomings, then the next time you end up changing the equation to it being in your favor, it will help you in your future relationships.

If that had been true, I’m sure no one would have fallen for you like I have.

I apologize for being so weak in that respect…..