Not Missing You

Well, now your trip to Denmark is over and you’ve come home once again to Canadian Soil!

I’ve reviewed your trip in my mind, and I can say without doubt, that it was one of the finest that anyone could have.

I’ve also thought about you being gone, and have concluded that I am not missing you, now that you’ve gone.

It is a good thing for both of us, giving us a chance to move on in life. I suggest that you too, adopt the same attitude, just as I have done.

We could celebrate our decision together, just apart, as it were.

Now we won’t need to miss each other.

We also will not miss talking to each other in person, and by telephone.

I will also not miss showing you around the country, nor will I miss telling you about life in Denmark.

Just think how nice it will be, not having to see each other, face to face, and share our lives with each other in that way.

I have considered calling you by telephone to tell you, of how I do not miss you in any way, shape or form, but I am afraid by doing so, that I will start missing you again,

And that would be something that I would not want to do!

Missing you greatly, that is!


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