APB – Efterlysning

Wanted: One water bottle from Canada. Montréal.

Missing: Near the Northern Tip of Denmark

Lost: 22 May 2016


  • Bottle plastic, clear with colorless liquid inside
  • Cap: plastic being rouge in color, peut-être more orange
  • Lightweight. Easy to carry. Possibly unbreakable.

Here is an approximate search location:


Source/Kilde: Google Maps

Closer/Nærmere Details: Lost or stolen between the end of road number 40, along the beach (the Kattegat Sea) towards the northern tip of the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark.

Reward: None.

Value: Sentimental at best.

Search had been started on the return/retur trip towards highway 40 after having visited the northern tip. However, an unexpected deviation in the route, increased the odds for failure, which should be noted in the upcoming police report.

There were observed a number of foreigners in the vicinity, also those from Denmark, being Danes and all.

The Lucky finder should consider him/herself lucky with a possible Wow- factor, placement on Facebook – a sort of Bottle Selfie, and bragging possibilities to ones friends!

Remember. There is one sad Canadian girl out there without her bottle from Montréal. Let’s all pull together and try to make the end of her visit to Denmark into a happy memory!


Contrary to popular belief, this is not the bottle in question:

ribe vandflaske

But this is the Real McCoy:

real thing

Don’t be fooled by its size…….




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