An Uncontrollable Urge Called Viborg

Viborg. Viborg. Even the name is magical! I wish I had used my leisure time this past weekend in Viborg…

It really didn’t seem like an exciting place at firs, but after a while I knew, that the rest of Denmark paled in comparison to the singleness, the pure elegance of Viborg.

I considered writing a series of travel blogs about Denmark, but couldn’t get past Viborg. It is true, that many people would have brushed off the idea of visiting such a small place, off the beaten track, lacking in character, tourist sights, and an easy way to find way around, but still the name says something without saying anything.

It might have been a girl, traveling through that caught my attention when I first stepped of the bus in that fairy tale sounding name of a town. Viborg that is! Or perhaps a puppy with a ball, or a teenager with a new I-phone 6s. All of those things put together in, have you forgotten its name? It was Viborg!

Perhaps, it could be done in two blogs, Vib-1, and Vib-2. Some might say that was dragging out the agony, while others would revel in the simplicity of 2 mini-blogs, thereby increasing the pleasure of knowing it in more than one testament!

I was only on a first name basis with “V”, and wouldn’t want to leave my wife, just because I harbored strange feelings, when I was there. I guess, there are many loves in our life, and Viborg will just have to remain that one standing in the shadows!

We needed to part company in the end. Goodbyes are never easy, but I felt that someday, I would again step off that bus once again, and meet with my old friend…..

named Viborg.

If you had forgotten its name again.

Honestly some people don’t listen, when important things are said……