Writing Letters – Long Hand

I am in the process of writing a letter. Really! Writing a letter in the good old-fashioned way by hand.

I must admit, to not having done such a thing for at least 10+ years, and something that should be easy, is extremely hard.

It seemed to go all right in the beginning, but after having only printed short notes in a non-cursive style, it was an extremely difficult endeavor trying to write long hand once again. It has become a sort of printed + long hand style, not being the one nor the other.

Commas seem to be in the right place, but errors are giving me a headache of sorts. The one thing is not knowing, if I’ve spelled incorrectly, or not! I know that the PCs spell-checker is not perfect, but it does work for the most part.

I also seem to get some cramping in my hand. Granted, I am not as young as I used to be, but even back then, I didn’t have the most correct way of holding a pen, which gave me some difficulties when having to write over longer periods of time. With the advent of computers, I left my former habits and writing styles behind, hoping never to return to them again!

Then why is it important to do so now? Well, you see I have a friend who is visiting me from Canada. She had requested once that I send her such a letter, as she liked corresponding in the “Old Fashioned Way”. I’ve considered the idea once in a while, but it happens to be now, that she is visiting Denmark, and is almost done so, without getting a present from me. That fact is both frustrating, because I don’t know just what to give her, as it is difficult with my time running out.

So that is why I find myself, struggling to remember how to write with pen and paper, using both long hand, and printed letters, in my old cramped, ouch, style of writing!

I am writing this blog at the same time that I am penning the other letter. I must admit that this way, writing on the PC, is far easier, than having to think about the shape of my letters, or if my spelling is correct.

long hand

Here is an excerpt of my letter, but I wouldn’t call it pretty or, inspiring. It is what it is, and won’t be anything more than that. The one advantage it has over a computer generated image, is that it is very personal, when written by hand. I have made this particular gift even more personal by writing it in both English and Danish, so it is like getting the best of both worlds, in a less than perfect way.

Well, the letter is done now, being placed in an envelope which is not new, but has a certain meaning for the both of us. I know that it won’t be the last letter that I’ll be writing, but my hand can recover its flexibility, until that happens once again.

I guess, it’s sort of like riding a bicycle, you might not be an expert, with your wobbling, and uncertain technique, but it will surly come back to you after a while.

And it’s much safer than having a blow-out, a flat far away from home, or that feeling that you are not in shape like you were when you were 18!


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  1. Re-read your letter tonight… making me think about your post about it. I hope you will give it another try someday, it would be a nice change from the bills mr mailman usually delivers. I would gladly return the favor, but I doubt it would be a good idea…


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