Truth + Insurance Claim =

My daughter dropped her I-phone in the toilet yesterday, bringing about the end of the world.

If any of you out there noticed a minor earthquake, or a disturbance in the Space-Time Continuum, which would affect Internet Traffic, Radio and TV waves, or increased fees on Toll Roads, then you too have been affected by this occurrence.

Here is the chain of events:

  1. The unthinkable happens
  2. Crying and amazement at what a new Cellphone costs, when your parents aren’t paying for it
  3. Loss of contact with those around you, in addition to your nearest Facebook friends
  4. Argument with parents about, who is going to pay
  5. Discussion of reporting it to the Insurance Company
  6. Level of Honestly at reporting it to the Insurance Company.

Number 6 is a hard one to judge, as it deals with thinking like the Insurance Company, and what you think is covered in your policy.

The question being, “How honest should you be, when reporting this accident?”

  1. Tell the absolute truth
  2. Tell what you think the truth should sound like, when trying to convince the Insurance Company, that you are the wronged person in this case, and that they should pay!

This is also a bit tricky, when you tell your children, that the truth is always the best way to go, while trying to get around it, so you don’t have to pay for a new Cellphone!

I did the calling, with the above items rolling around in my head, before a “live” person showed up on the line.

I told her, that an accident had occurred yesterday with my daughter’s telephone, and it didn’t look good.

I was told that it would be sent to repair, and in case it wasn’t repairable, it would be compensated for, disallowing for its age, which translates to a possible reduction in compensation.

Why, you might ask, write a whole blog about something so mundane, that the problem was solved, just by telling it like it was?

It seems that we all want to get something for nothing, and if someone else pays for our misfortune, then we will end up feeling better about it.

The problem comes with being honest with others, like you would be honest with yourself. I chose the straight and narrow path, because it seemed correct to me. I didn’t need to cut corners, or try to make it sound better by glossing over the truth, when the truth was good enough for me.

I only wish, that others that come in contact with me, would show me the same consideration, without trying to get something more than they deserve.

It seems like the correct thing to do, from my viewpoint……


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