Dog Talking

I do a lot of talking to my dog. He never seems to object though.

He is still a young dog of 5+ months. Everything is still new and exciting to him, having the whole world at his feet.

My old dog was 8 year’s old when he ran into trouble with a large Rottweiler. He needed to be put to sleep, which was a harder blow than I could imagine. At 8 years, he was only ½-way through his expected life expectancy, being a poodle and a small one at that.

He never got above 3.1 Kg, which made other people with larger dogs, not consider him to be a real dog. But he was, and I never considered him to be anything but a real dog.

My new dog is a bit larger, already weighing in at 5½ Kg. He is also a poodle, but a larger sort of small dog. When we are out and about, walking in the same places as my old dog, I tend to talk to him, telling him about how I’d been there before and with who. He seems to listen, but it is hard to say if he understands entirely?

When I was walking my old dog, he would hesitate when we entered an area of tall grass. He relinquished the lead to me, accepting the position of number 2 in our “Pack”. If he thought the danger, or the grass was extremely high, he would stop and look up at me, as if to say “Pick me up now”. Which I did, until he felt safe again, or the grass in the forest gave way to the more open meadow grass. All was then forgotten and we went on our way, with him in the lead.

My new dog and I, were on a similar path this evening. He is at least one head taller, than my old dog, which combined with the carelessness of youth, meant that he walked in the lead, no matter how tall the grass was. It was, however, the barking of a large dog, heard close by, which changed his attitude intensely. No matter how much I held him, and spoke to him, would he be assured that the danger was over. Finally, we did an about face, and returned the way we came, which seemed all right to him once again.

I continued to talk to him well knowing that he wouldn’t respond, but I felt better doing so, all the same. I know that my new dog is not my old dog, and we won’t be doing things exactly the same way as before. It doesn’t seem to matter, and he seems to have accepted, that I continue to name his predecessor, whenever we are out and about. I’m sure they would have gotten along with each other, so the transition from the one to the other, seems to acknowledge that fact!

Old dog named Otto. 8 Years Old.


New dog named Coco. 5½ Months


Coco head 13020035_10207709409165037_1149768222_n

Oh Very Young, and now with his friends.

I hope when he is finished with being a young dog at around 1 year, he will look fondly back on his youth and teenage months, and remember that his owner was not so silly after all….

Like my two teenagers, should also remember….